Guam Window Tint Law

§3209. Windshields and Windows. (a) No person shall drive any motor vehicle upon a highway with any sign, poster, card, sticker, or other nontransparent material upon the front windshield, side wings, windwings, side or rear windows of the vehicle, except that such signs, posters, cards, stickers, or other materials may be placed on said windshield within a seven inch (7") square in the lower corner farthest removed from the driver's position or upon the side windows of the vehicle to the rear of the driver and so placed that said materials will not ob-struct the driver's clear view of approaching traffic; except that this Subsection shall not apply to any current decalcomania issued by the Armed Forces of the United States, or the government of Guam.
(b) Every permanent windshield on a motor vehicle shall be equipped with a device for removing rain or other moisture or substance from such windshield, and such device shall be so con- structed and installed as to be controlled or operated by the operator of the vehicle.
(c) No person shall drive any motor vehicle, except an ambu-lance, a hearse, an armored car or tour buses or tour vans which have factory installed tinted glass, upon a highway with any object or material so placed in or upon the vehicle as to obstruct or reduce the driver's clear view through the windshield or the side or rear windows of the vehicle or obstructs clear visibility into the motor vehicle except as re-quired or permitted equipment of the vehicle and adjustable nontransparent sun visors which are not attached to the glass. The exception pro-vided in this Subsection for an ambu-lance, a hearse, an armored car, or tour bus or a tour van which has factory installed tinted glass shall not apply to or extend to any such vehicle which is not used for the purpose for which it is designed.
(d) Unless wearing driving goggles or face shield, no person shall drive any motor vehicle, other than a motorcy-cle or motor scooter or other than an implement of hus-bandry, or road building and construc- tion equipment exempted from annual registration, upon a highway without a front windshield.
SOURCE: GC §23110, enacted by P.L. 1-88 as amended by P.L. 3-16 and P.L. 6-98; Subsection (c) amended by P.L. 14-145:2 and as amended P.L. 15-1:3; (d) added by P.L. 9-134.
COURT DECISIONS: Super.Ct., Traffic Division, 1979. In an unreported case (Traf-fic Court is not a court of record), People v. Hertslet, subsection (c) was declared unconstitutional on equal protection grounds -- certain vehicles, busses and others, were unfairly exempted from the prohibi-tion against tinted windows.

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