North Dakota Tint Law

8-0906. Windshields and windows must be unobstructed - Tinted windows.

  1.No person shall drive upon a street or highway any vehicle with 
    any frost, condensation, sign, poster, lumber, cardboard, metal, 
    or other nontransparent material upon, or in place of, the front 
    windshield, side wings, or side or rear windows of such motor 
    vehicle, other than a certificate or other paper required to be 
    so displayed by law.
  2.A person may not operate a motor vehicle with any object or any 
    material displayed, affixed, or applied on the front windshield 
    or on any side window where that material alters the color or 
    reduces the light transmittance, or reduces the clear and unobstructed 
    view through the windshield or window. This subsection does not 
    apply to windows behind the driver or to tinted windows or 
    windshields in compliance with the federal motor vehicle safety 
    standards No. 205.

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Last Updated : May 23, 1998