Fujitsu/Siemens Amilo-D Laptop Setup with FreeBSD Release 5.0

Laptop itself is a metallic blue-gray.
Buttons just below the built-in mouse pad.
LCD Display that is between keyboard and Color LCD screen itself. I bought the laptop in the Summer of 2002. It comes with fire-wire, 100/10 ethernet, USB ports and external PS2 mouse port. It doesn't have serial ports.

Setting Up Network

Unlike Slackware 8.0 Linux, netowrk was set up by default. It uses "dc0" driver. It is automatically detected and usable. It fails under FreeBSD 4.7.

Wireless Network

I use a Lucent Orinoco wireless PCMCIA card. It is recognized by the laptop.

Compile the Kernel

- This file BSD has the settings for everything especially sound. - Note that the file has now been trimmed yet. - It goes into directory /usr/ssrc/sys/i386/conf - do a "make BSD" - cd ../compile/BSD - make depend; make; make install

Setting Up Modem

Modem is a Lucent WinModem and works in Linux as well as FreeBSD. To setup in FreeBSD, go to "/usr/ports/comms/ltmdm" and do a "make; make install" and then do a reboot. The modem is ready for use afterward. The devices are "/dev/cual*". I use "/dev/cual0". I have not doen anything with the modem such as dial out or anything yet. I will post the info when th time comes.

Setting Up Sound

Need to have the line "options pcm" in the kernel file. Please see the section on compiling the kernel. The sound is a VIA686 chip.

Setting up the Mouse

There are two different mouse daemons running. When you load FreeBSD, make sure you have the USB mouse plugged in in order for it to be detected. An example is : bsd: /etc # ps -ax|grep moused 352 ?? Is 0:00.00 /usr/sbin/moused -p /dev/ums0 -I /var/run/moused.ums0 461 ?? Is 0:00.00 /usr/sbin/moused -p /dev/psm0 -t auto bsd: /etc # The device for the mouse is "/dev/sysmouse". In the above "ps", the mouse devices are "/dev/ums0" for the USB Mouse and "/dev/psm0" for the PS/2 mouse. When running X11, it references "/dev/sysmouse" which depends on the "moused" daemons.

X-Window Configuration

The machine was setup with using both the PS/2 mouse along with the USB Mouse. The file is XF86Config located /etc/X11 directory. There are other files under "/etc/X11". There is a tar ball of it. It is extracted in the "/" directory.