• 500 MHz Power PC G3 Processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 40 GB Hard Drive
  • Superdrive
  • 12.1 inch TFT LCD Display (1024x768)
  • 10/100 Ethernet, two USB, firewire, S-VGA output with special cable
  • hardware 56k Modem
  • Airport Card

    Fedora 9

    I bought the Pismo G3 off of Ebay. When I got the machine, I set it for dual boot of Linux (Fedora Core 6) and mac OS 9.22. I decided not to do Mac OS Tiger since it would be too slow.

    On Linux, everything works including sound.

    I got the machine with no OS installed. I used the Mac OS Jaguar install CD and decided to do a two partition machine. If you use a more recent OSX install CD, you will have these wasted 128 MB partitions in between the different partitions.

    First, I installed mac OS 9.2.2 using an install disk. Once done, then I installed Linux Fedora Core 6. Once done, the machine was ready for use except for a minor problem. You would have to edit the yaboot.conf and add in an option of "macos=/dev/hda?" where ? is the partition containing mac OS 9.2.2. Do a ybin.

    Next, put the mac OS 9.2.2 install CD and then reboot. In order for it to be able to boot into 9.2.2, you have to perform a special procedure. If this is not done, when you select to go into Mac OS 9, you will get a frowning face.

    Go to "Utilities" folder and then double-click on "Drive Setup". Select the drive that has the mac OS 9 partition and then go on the bar on the top of the screen and select "Function" and then "Update Driver". That should set the drive where you can boot into it insteadof Linux. WARNING do not hit "Initialize" since that will erase the hard drive.

    One you login as root do the following commands: Now you gave xine which allows you to play DVD's, xmms to play music such as mp3's. Seamonkey is a different web browser and thunderbird is an e-mail program.

    Follow the prompts.

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    Last Updated : Sep 28, 2008