NEC Versa 2635 with OpenBSD 3.2


The machine use to run dual boot of Linux and Win 95/98. When I bought my new laptop, I decided to load OpenBSD on my old laptop. Info on running Linux is here.

X Window

X is kind of tricky to setup. Because of the old Video Chip which is Chips & Technologies CT65550, it cannot use X11R6.4. It has to use X11R6.3. When I setup X, I had to go through to use the XF86Setup and grabbing the file that it temporarily set up. I did some mods to take advantage of the 800x600 screen. The 640x480 screen is smaller and it sucks. Here is the file, XF86Config.


In order to get compile the kernel, you need to get the 3rd CD and extract "src.tar.gz" file in the "/usr/src" directory. This file 2635 works. It has all the settings that are needed for the laptop. The file goes to "/usr/src/sys/arch/i386/conf", do a "config 2635" and then do a "cd ../2635"; make depend; make; make istall".


Sound is a basic Sound Blaster SB 16. The kernel file "2635" above is setup for sound.

Modem and Network

There are PCMCIA drivers that are a part of OpenBSD. You would want a Hardware based Modem Card and an older Network Card. Plase consult OpenBSD web site for further information. I personally use an Eiger 33.6 Modem Card, a LinkSys PCMCIA card and a Orinoco Wireless card and they all work by default.