Contemporary Fiber Artist
Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA

My images record intense inner feelings. To express these ideas, a personal pictoral language employing its own vocabulary has emerged. In decoding my symbolism, the viewer is offered insights into my life circumstances. These images are summaies of concrete inner experiences.

The work contains some surreal and some fantastic elements, but can be called neither. I am never completely free from making an image based upon true physical reality. My messages are not impenetrable, not illogical. Fact and fiction bind together. Objects are extracted from their normal reality and integrated into a new dramatic and chaotic composition. It is most important to me that my emotional state be reproduced in a distillation of the truth which I experience.

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This site is an introduction to my art, and a statement of its role in society. I invite you to spend a while to browse, learn about fiber art and the technologies behind it, find an exhibition or gallery near you.

Please send mail if you find something that touches your interest.

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