How Democracy Failed

A Political Question

<bgsound src="sounds/ThisFlawedElection2.wav"> Who lied in Bush's SOTU address? Who's buried in Grant's tomb?
How dumb
is too dumb?

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Hear Dubya try to use
a 4-syllable word!!!!

(not once but twice Sept 12, 2000)
How many syllables in "subliminal"?
Hear George try again !

(RATS! If those MP3s won't play, try these WAV files.)

Hear Dubya try to say
a 3-syllable word!!!!

Can you say "integral"? (.wav)

And let's not forget the
Sept 29, 2000 campaign
about reducing power
plant emissions
of "Carbon BenOxide"!

A drug-damaged damaged brain is not
a pretty sight -- or sound or sound!
NEW 2004 DIAGNOSIS: Bad Brain

Don't let this happen to you:  Just say 'NO' to drugs!    (image by Win McNamee, Reuters)
Should this man be allowed to watch
TV and eat pretzels at the same time?

Try to not get any "food on your family"! (.wav)

"The education president"?  I don't think so.

The same nonsense slipped out again in 2004

Another broken campaign pledge (.wav)

Terrorists bombed "a buildings"!!! (.wav)

...taking time off from his very popular (but
self-declared and thus illegal) little war, Dubya
was "so confident about the securities condition"
that he decided to came to the olympics!!!

...but when it came time to put a halt to
stock fraud by corporate wheeler-dealers,
and Dubya was asked about his own mistakes
(including failure to report his insider sale of
Harken Energy stock just before it plummeted
he reverted to his tongue-tied ways, inventing
the word malfeaance, and referring to "a honest
disagreement about, uh, accounting procedures!"


Evidently it was "a complicated tragsaction"! (.wav)

...since then, practically every
appearance and utterance has been
carefully staged (or cancelled!!!)

(video, plus how this revelation was disreported)
Aug'03 - New tactic: Speak to an empty room!

July 2003:
dubya visits the nation (sic) of Africa

dubya says he fully understands that "we need
to produce evidence"
(of WMDs in Iraq)

August 2003:
dubya says people should be
suspicious of his administration

October 2003:
dubya says people should pay no
attention to that man behind the curtain

dubya is too clever to be
limited by the english language

dubya is too clever to be
fooled by a trick question

December 11, 2003:
dubya continues to be
an international scofflaw

(video or you can go here and
manually advance your
Real Player to 14:53)

July 13, 2004:
dubya says
the American People
Are Safer

August 5, 2004:
dubya admits he
never stops thinking
about new ways to harm
the American People

August 11, 2004:
As a bookend to dubya's 4-yr-old crack
about limiting freedom, now dubya says
"it's one thing to have justice,
it's another thing to go
overboard with justice


the best darn Bush 2004 campaign film!

October, 2004:
Once lies pass for truth,
truth becomes known as

can you say proselytize?

2005 was a very bad year
for President Bullsh!t.
He did not invent a
single new word
. Worse,
some truth leaked out!

2006, and Bush still makes
sense, to himself
, anyway.

Old Global Warming Bush is a poet and doesn't know it!
But Washington Post writer Richard Thompson had
recognized Dubya's hidden talent and compiled some
of the more memorable utterances into a poem titled
"Make the Pie Higher":

I think we all agree, the past is over.

This is still a dangerous world.

It's a world of madmen and uncertainty
and potential mental losses.

Rarely is the question asked
Is our children learning?
Will the highways of the internet
become more few?

How many hands have I shaked?

They misunderestimate me.
I am a pitbull on the pantleg of opportunity.

I know that human beings
and the fish can coexist.

Families is where our nation finds hope,
where our wings take dream.

Put food on your family!

Knock down the tollbooth!

Vulcanize Society!

Make the pie higher! Make the pie higher!

To be fair to Dubya, he's not only a poet,
but he was also sort of a "military aviator".

The latest in bumper stickers
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Making sense of bushspeak

Slap some sense into the Supreme Court Thieves
(slap link dead Aug 2002 REBORN 2003)

A Layman's Guide to the S.C. decision

How the election was stolen long before the vote!
(Censored by U.S. media)

Dressin' Up Dubya

By now everyone's heard of the "axis of evil",
but check out the Scorecard Of Evil!

Why would Dubya quash the 9/11 investigation ??
UPDATE: cnn's quash story quashed early 2003!!!
UPDATE2: read cnn's surviving (similar) quash story
less-damning alternate
more-damning alternate

Bush's all-time most incriminating quote

Daily Protest!

Meet Bush's Hit Man

Bill Moyers' perspective on the 2002 election

An even more revealing explanation
plus one hell of a 'coincidence'

Those who cast the votes decide nothing;
those who count the votes decide everything.

Some Imported News
(what the U.S. media failed to mention!)

Documentary: The Making Of The Terror Myth
Racketeering lawsuit against Defendant Bush
Another lawsuit against Defendant Bush
The Bush family's Nazi connections

Free MP3s by
The Compassionate Conservatives

More free MP3s, from Supaclean

Some more bushisms

YOUR TAX DOLLARS (the charming John Ashcroft?) AT WORK !!!
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Speaking of taxes, remember the Bush Tax Plan? (proposed IRS form 1040W)