Our Plastic Surgical Procedures

Office Hours: Dr. Raskin sees patients by appointment.
The office staff is available Monday through Friday from 8:30AM (MST) until 5PM (MST).
If you are from out of town, it is medically necessary for you to remain in or close to Colorado Springs for your early recovery and follow-up care. This will be discussed with you pre-operatively and varies from procedure to procedure.
Further information about Cosmetic Plastic Surgery can be obtained through our office.
A brief overview of our common plastic surgical procedures is listed in the right hand column.

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Overview of the Procedures

Breast Reduction Surgery
This operation is performed in patients who have large breasts and associated musculoskeletal symptoms.
Breast Lift Surgery (mastopexy)
The surgical procedure known as mastopexy is performed in patients who may or may not have had large breasts when younger but whose breasts have now have sagged and, as a general rule, volume has diminished.
These operations are performed in patients who have excess localized fatty deposits with associated cosmetic deformity.
Tummy Tuck Surgery (abdominiplasty)
Abdominiplasty is performed in patients who have excess abdomenal skin and fat with associated abdomenal wall laxity.

Breast Enlargement - our most commonly performed surgery!

  • This operation is designed to increase the fullness and size of the breasts. This is done by the insertion of the newly approved silicone gel (gummy bear) or the time proven salt water filled breast implants through a skin incision in the chest wall. The implants are placed beneath the existing breast tissue or, more commonly, beneath your pectoralis muscle.

    The exact size of the breast cannot be guaranteed, therefore you must select the breast size comparable to your other measurements, considering your personal preference, at the time of your consultation.

    A usual question for a patient to ask is whether this procedure will increase the chance of cancer of the breast. The procedure has no direct bearing on the breast tissue because the material is placed underneath the breast, or under the muscle.

    HOSPITAL STAY: This is an outpatient procedure, usually performed at the Colorado Springs Surgery Center.

    ANESTHESIA: This operation is usually done with deep sedation. General anesthesia can be provided, as necessary.

    SURGICAL TIME: Approximately 1 hour.

    COMPLICATIONS: Rarely, is it necessary for the drainage of fluid which collects around the artificial implant. The patient may have to be returned to the operating room to evacuate a hematoma (collections of blood around the implant). The implant will usually be kept in if this occurs.

    Occasionally, a scar capsule forms deeply around the implant; this may result in a very firm breast. A second operation may be advised to soften the breast by cutting the scar capsule. There is no evidence of an increased possibility of cancer of the breast with breast augmentation.

    SOCIAL ACTIVITY: Excessive arm movement, aggressive exercise, and the lifting of heavy objects should be restricted for three to four weeks.

    Give us a Call at 578-9988 if you have any questions!


For your privacy, we do not post patient photos on the internet. During your consultation, Dr. Raskin can show you UNRETOUCHED before and after photos of his surgeries. We have found that not everyone visiting our site is looking for information about plastic surgery.

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