Four Engine Cluster Estes Shadow
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I modified an Estes Shadow with a 4-engine cluster motor mount. I made the following changes to the stock kit:
  • Replaced the stock motor mount with a Flis Kits EMK4-24-80 cluster mount (4 24mm size motor tubes).
  • Did not use the stuffer tubes (figured 4 motors should have enough ejection gases to push out the parachute--they did).
  • Laminated the balsa fins with card stock. This really strengthened the fins.
  • Glued one of the stuffer tube centering rings to the top of the upper most BT-80 tube coupler, in order to keep the parachute in the upper part of the rocket.
  • Used 30 minute epoxy for construction.
I launched the Shadow 22 January 2005 with four D12-5 motors. It was a great flight.

All photos below were taken by Dave Virga.

Flis Kits EMK4-24-80 Motor Mount

Shadow with 4 D12-5 motors. I am holding a Thrustline Aerospace 4-engine cluster clip whip in my left hand.

Shadow ready for launch

We have lift-off


All motors lit

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