Albert Schweitzer Educational Associates

The Albert Schweitzer Educational Associates are committed to supporting the work of organizations dedicated to the philosophy of Albert Schweitzer. Their emphasis is on the development and distribution of educational materials for elementary through high school students.

ASEA currently has two books for sale:

ASEA was formed in 2003 to continue work initially begun under the auspices of the Albert Schweitzer Institute prior to its affiliation with with Quinnipiac University. It enjoys the support of ASI at QU and of Dr. Schweitzer's daughter, Rhena Schweitzer Miller who serves as an honorary board member of ASEA.

The principals are Jenifer Grant and Nikki Lindberg:

Having respect for all living things and recognizing their interconnection provides a sound foundation for ethical values. Through his philosophy, his writing and his life, Dr. Schweitzer has much to show us about how to be better, more thoughtful and productive people. Children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Their characters can be strengthened, their awareness sharpened and their minds broadened through Albert Schweitzer's Lessons in Humanity.

For additional information, or to place orders for educational materials, contact Nikki Lindberg via email at or via postal mail at:

	Albert Schweitzer Educational Associates
	129 Goose Hill Road
	Chester, CT 06412