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Here is my review of a book about Dr. Schweitzer. All the books I review are in English. Many of them are out of print, but generally can be found by a book search from a good used-book dealer. See The Albert Schweitzer Page for links to my reviews of books written by Dr. Schweitzer as well as other related information.

Albert Schweitzer Philosopher Theologian Musician Doctor

Compiled By:  C.T. Campion
Edition:  A & C Black Ltd., 1928
Hardcover, 31 pages

No ISBN Shown


Table of Contents

This slim volume is primarily a collection of Schweitzer's biographical writings taken from Memoirs of Childhood and Youth and On the Edge of the Primeval Forest. An introductory essay by W. Montgomery provides some additional biographical information and description of the early hospital at Lambarene. Sold in America as a fund-raiser for Schweitzer's hospital in Lambarene, this book provides a very brief introduction to Schweitzer.

Quotes from Albert Schweitzer Philosopher Theologian Musician Doctor

[Quoting Dr. Schweitzer, probably taken from his On the Edge of the Primeval Forest] "Believing it, as I do, to be my life's task to fight on behalf of the sick under far-off stars, I appeal to the sympathy which Jesus and religion call for, but at the same time I call to my help also our most fundamental ideas and reasonings. We ought to see the work that needs doing for the coloured folk in their misery, not as a mere 'good work,' but as a duty that must not be shirked."

[From W. Montgomery's essay] "At last, in August 1927, [Albert Schweitzer] re-appeared in Europe entirely unannounced even to his wife and nine-year-old daughter, who met him unexpectedly in Strassburg, where they had gone from their home in Konigsfeld in the Black Forest to pay a visit to a dentist!"

Table of Contents of Albert Schweitzer Philosopher Theologian Musician Doctor

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