Reviews of and Quotes From Dr. Schweitzer's Books

Here are my reviews of some of Albert Schweitzer's books. All are English translations from French or German. Some of them are out of print, but generally can be found in a good research library or by a book search from a good used-book dealer. Also included here are reviews of compilations of his writings. See The Albert Schweitzer Page for reviews of books about Dr. Schweitzer and related information.

The Light Within Us

Written By:  Albert Schweitzer

Edited By: Richard Kik

Various Translators

Reviewed Edition:  Philosophical Library, 1959

Hardcover, 58 Pages

No ISBN Number


Table of Contents

This short book contains a collection of quotations from Schweitzer's writings. Each quote is short, generally a single paragraph. The selected quotes generally deal with personal morality. That is, they deal with how Schweitzer understood the value of each person, and how each person may seek and find value in life. It is well written and easy for readers of any age or education to understand.

Quotes from The Light Within Us

[Excerpt from Memoirs of Childhood and Youth] "Our human atmosphere is much colder than it need be, because we do not venture to give ourselves to others as heartily as our feelings bid us."

[Excerpt from Memoirs of Childhood and Youth] "As far back as I can remember I was saddened by the amount of misery I saw in the world around me. Youth's unqualified joie de vivre I never really knew, and I believe that to be the case with many children, even though they appear outwardly merry and quite free from care.

One thing that specially saddened me was that the unfortunate animals had to suffer so much pain and misery. The sight of an old limping horse, tugged forward by one man while another kept beating it with a stick to get it to the knacker's yard at Colmar, haunted me for weeks.

It was quite incomprehensible to me--this was before I began going to school--why in my evening prayers I should pray for human beings only. So when my mother had prayed with me and had kissed me goodnight, I used to add silently a prayer that I had composed myself for all living creatures. It ran thus: 'O, heavenly Father, protect and bless all things that have breath; guard them from all evil, and let them sleep in peace.'"

Table of Contents of The Light Within Us

    The book does not have a Table of Contents or chapter headings.

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