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My Favorite Husband CoverMy Favorite Husband

After five years of being lost in the Amazon, archeologist Chaz Vincent has finally come home to his wife, Kelly, only to learn that she has had him declared dead.  When he attends his own funeral, Chaz finds out that Kelly married another man just that morning.  Now she has to choose between them.  Who will be her favorite husband? (Contemporary Romantic Comedy from Zebra, December 2003)

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Caught in the Act

When playboy Scott Richmond catches teenager Chrissie Dreyfuss with her hands on his mother's jewels, he lets her go on a whim—especially since his family was responsible for the loss of her father's job.  But when her gorgeous older sister Nicole shows up to stop her, they learn that Chrissie has already sold the jewels to some of his mother's friends.  Unfortunately, they're fake and his mother is all too eager to collect the insurance.  Now Scott and Nicole have to steal the fakes back before the buyers or the insurance company finds out his high society mother has tried to cheat them.  (Contemporary Romantic Comedy from Zebra, August 2004)


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Belle of the Ball coverBelle of the Ball

The Sullivan sisters—Belle, Charisma, and Grace—were named for the Three Graces of Greek legend, but unfortunately don't live up to their names.  Belle is no beauty, Charisma has no charm, and Grace is somewhat less than graceful.  When they hear three young men discuss their lack of attributes in unflattering terms, Belle makes a wish of the Three Graces to become a beauty and ensnare them, one by one.  With the help of a little judicious magic, can they help her get revenge?  Set in Colorado Springs in 1882. (Paranormal Historical Romance from Zebra Ballad, first book in The Graces Series, January 2003, ISBN 0-8217-7456-5) Purchase Belle of the Ball

Enchantment CoverEnchantment

Fleeing from her unfaithful fiancÚ, Gina Charles checked into a motel for some solitude, only to find her room already occupied by a friendly ghost with compelling dark eyes. Gina reluctantly agrees to help mesmerist Drake Manton piece together the details of his death in the fire that left The Chesterfield in ruins. But just as she puts her hands on the most important clue, she suddenly finds herself hurtling back in time to 1883 and standing face-to-face with the living, breathing Drake—who's even more handsome and seductive than his apparition. (Time Travel from Zebra Ballad, first book in The Hope Chest Series, June 2001, ISBN 0-8217-6906-5) Purchase Enchantment

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Quicksilver CoverQuicksilver

Sparks fly when a smart-mouthed Terran psychiatrist engages in a battle of wits and endurance with a pigheaded barbarian from the planet Delphi, their only referee a mischievous moncat who helps them transform compromise to love.   (Futuristic Romance from Leisure Love Spell, ISBN 0-505-52141-5)  Winner of the PRISM Award for Best Futuristic Romance of 1996.


Here Comes the...Baby CoverHere Comes the...Baby

When the entire town of Bachelor Falls throws Lana Talbot a surprise baby shower, the last person she expects to show up is the baby's father—a sexy, dark-haired stranger she met on a plane one passion-filled night.  But how is she going to explain he's the father when her ditzy aunt has the entire town convinced she's married to someone else?  (Romantic Comedy from Harlequin American, ISBN 0-373-16722-9) 


Midsummer Night's Magic coverThe Trouble With Fairies

The trouble with fairies is...they're awfully hard to get rid of.   Nick Fairburn learns that the hard way when he enlists the help of the wild and wacky wee folk to win back his estranged wife.  (Fantasy Romance Novella, Midsummer Night's Magic Anthology, Leisure Love Spell)  


A Reluctant Rogue CoverA Reluctant Rogue

To convince her fiancÚ's parents that she's good enough to marry their son, all Marigold Boles has to do is change the history of the old west and reform stagecoach robber Black Bart.  With the help of her best friend, she reaches back in time to bring Black Bart to the present so she can do just that.  The only problem is, he arrives without his memory!  (Time Travel Romance, Harlequin American #696)

Chasing Baby CoverChasing Baby

Start with one off-duty vice cop in search of peace and quiet.   Add one Miss Goody-Two-Shoes, longing for excitement.   Combine liberally with two kids, a rabbit on the lam, a stray puppy, a missing diamond ring, and a cross-country chase, and you have a recipe for fun and adventure.  (Romantic Comedy, Harlequin American #647)  Winner of the Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award for Best Harlequin American of 1996!

A Little Something Extra CoverA Little Something Extra

In this tale of love, laughter, and leprechauns, investigative reporter P.J. Sheridan can't quite believe 6'4" Connor O'Flaherty is one of the little people.  But she sets her skepticism aside to help him locate his sister's missing talisman and discovers an added bonus for herself—magic!  (Paranormal Romance from Harlequin American "More Than Men" series, #614)

Golden Prophecies coverGolden Prophecies

Lancer's zest for life captivates Thena, though his evident skepticism of her prophetic gifts troubles her.  But Thena knows Lancer is the man she's been waiting for—the only one who can help her save her sanity, the man who is destined to become her life-mate.  ( Futuristic Romance from Leisure Love Spell)


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