124th Infantry Regiment Medical Detachment
Camp Stoneman, California, December 1945

124th Inf Regt Surviving Medics, 1945


Survivors Medical Detachment 124th Inf 31st Div
Activated Oro Bay Apr 5th 1944
First Combat Aitape New Guinea July 1944

There are 49 GIs in this photo. Back Row (left to right):

Wilbert Veit, Robert J. Abadie, Robert E. Hobson, Leonard Neal, James A. 'Al' Holloway, Charles Winfield, (unknown), Wallace George Smith Sr, Kermit Foles, Ralph Kelland, 1st Sgt Barnes, Clarence McClain, (unknown), Art Levering, (unknown), Gilbert Campbell, Gerald Fried, Berg, (unknown), Trelvie Collum, Murphy, William F. 'Willie Fred' Montgomery, Clothel 'CC' Dulaney, John Henry Seitz, Art Barry, Ernest Bennett, Lewis B. Kelly, Robert A. Lee, John O'Connor, C. A. 'Bunk' Lewis, and Sam Linden.

Front Row (left to right):

Lyle Harvey, Neil McLeod, L. H. 'Casey' Keele, John 'Rock' Biernett, Bertel Luke, Raymond L. 'Ray' Roach, Eric Murrah, Frank E. LeVan, Dr. Giandomenico (called 'Doctor DeeJohn'), Hosie Smith, Richard 'Scooter' Edwards, Edward A. St. Germain, Arthur G. 'Guy' Black, Levite (?), William M. Prather, Allen Purdy, Ernest Smith, and Roger B. 'Hound Dog' Smith.


Far East Photo News
300 W Jefferson
Springfield, Ill.

I found this photograph at the home of Mr. Raymond L. 'Ray' Roach in Starkville, Mississippi on Friday, October 7, 2005. I flew to Starkville on October 6 to attend the annual reunion of the 124th Infantry Regiment Medics. Ray Roach, one of Tom Deas' medics, met me at the Golden Triangle Regional Airport (GTR) and drove me to the Holiday Inn Express in Starkville. On the morning of October 7, before the other folks arrived, Ray drove me to his home in Starkville to demonstrate his hammer dulcimer. While there, he showed me his amateur radio ham shack in the back yard. I looked up and admired his tower and beam antenna, similar to one my father had in the 1960s. We entered, and Ray switched on a transceiver and tuned through one of the Amateur bands. It was quiet. Then he showed me around. He pointed to a framed photo that was hanging on the back wall (the photo above). He said that it was taken at Camp Stoneman, California, near San Francisco, in December 1945, after the 124th Infantry Regiment had returned to the States. Soon after this photo was taken, the men split up and traveled by troop train to bases near their homes. Many of them traveled to Camp Shelby in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Ray said that he traveled in a 1918 coach that had no sleeping berths.

Ten veterans attended the reunion in October 2005: Tom Deas, Art Barry, Arthur 'Guy' Black, Gilbert Campbell, Clothel 'CC' Dulaney, Lewis Kelly, Delphia 'DJ' Laborde, C. A. 'Bunk' Lewis, Raymond Roach, and Herb Thurston. I asked these men to identify the men in the photo. They identified all but seven, and they were uncertain about the identity of Sam Linden (back row, far right), whom someone remembered as Lindsey. Since then, I have received the following identifications:
(1) The full name of Roger B. 'Hound Dog' Smith from Nodaway, Missouri was provided by Melinda R. Cordell, a great niece, on January 1, 2012.
(2) Frank E. LeVan was identified by Tracie LeVan Weldon, his granddaughter, on December 31, 2015.
(3) Wallace George Smith Sr was identified by Vida Hall, his daughter, on November 3, 2018.
(4) Sam Linden (originally thought to be Lindsey) was identified by Derek Otstot, his granddaughter's spouse, on November 24, 2018.
(5) Levite, the man in the front row fifth from the right, was identified by Derek Otstot on December 24, 2018. He learned this from Sam Linden, his wife's grandfather, but he did not say whether Levite is a surname, a first name, or a nickname.
(6) The identification of John Henry Seitz was confirmed by Paul Seitz, his son, on May 25, 2019. Paul Seitz also provided his father's middle name.

Four men in the photo remain unidentified.

Some of the survivors of the 124th Infantry Regiment Medics returned home before December 1945 and are not in this photo. For example, Regimental Surgeon Dr. Thomas Malcolm Deas left the Philippines for the States on August 25, 1945. Herb Thurston received orders to return home in early August 1945, and was discharged at Camp Blanding, Florida, on October 15, 1945.
(Photo courtesy of Raymond L. Roach)

If anyone recognizes the unidentified men in this photo, please contact me.

Paul M. Webber, MD
Colorado Springs, Colorado
14 Oct 2005
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