Kingdom of the Outlands
Guild of Brewers and Spirit Makers

The Purpose of the Brewers Guild is, and always will be, to provide a home for those interested in the brewing arts and related subjects. This home will span the borders of our great Kingdom through demonstrations, competitions, Kingdom events, and the camaraderie that those with a common purpose need to excel in their chosen art. Period brewing is truly an important area of the Arts and Sciences and this guild will endeavor to strengthen that position. The mundane world of electronic media including the World Wide Web, telephone, as well as the massive amount of printed matter on the subject give us a never-ending wealth of information to share.

This page is under construction and always will be. It's success will depend on the brewers of the Outlands for their input of ideas, recipes, links to other important sites on the Web, and suggestions of what they would like to see added here. Currently planned are a copy of our charter and bylaws, personal recipes from our brewers, names (and e-mail addresses if available) of the Outlands brewers, and links to sites on the World Wide Web of interest to our artisans. If you would like to be listed with the brewers or have a recipe for a favorite beer, wine or cordial please leave e-mail to the The Webmaster.

Visit often and look for the flag. Most likely you will find something there you missed last time you visited.

This site is not sanctioned by, or an official instrument or publication of the SCA, Inc., the Kingdom of the Outlands, or any sub-groups of the SCA and as such does not delinate policy or regulations for the above.

Our History

As long as there has been a Kingdom of the Outlands, there has been within its borders brewers of great renown brewing fine beers, wines and cordials. The sharing of knowledge is one of the things that makes the Society for the Creative Anachronism the educational opportunity it is and brewers would seek each other out at kingdom events to share ideas and recipes. However, until A.S. XXXI (1997), the only brewers guilds were at the baronial or shire level. There was no kingdom-wide cohesive "clearinghouse" for brewers to share their excitement of the brewing arts.

In December, A.S. XXII (1992) Lord Stefan Langskeggr began a brewers guild in the Barony of Dragonsspine. Soon, monthly meetings were garnering up to 15 brewers and others interested in learning this fine art. Lord Stefan's dining room became the repository for gallon after gallon of wine and beer. In A.S. XXX a member for the guild brought to a meeting a copy of another kingdom's brewers guild charter. The talk of the night turned from brewing to creating a guild within the Kingdom of the Outlands. A charter was drawn up and revised many times as kingdom brewers provided valuable input. Finally, at the annual Feast of Fools event in the Barony of Dragonsspine in April, A.S. XXXI,(1997) King Torin and Queen Elisheva affixed their signatures to a charter, creating the Brewers Guild within the Kingdom of the Outlands. The history of the Outlands Brewers Guild has just begun. Every Outlander that has a yen to brew fine spirits and wants to share his quest for the perfect brew will become a part of that history.

A proposed set of bylaws has been written and input is requested from the brewers of the Outlands. Access them from the "Our Bylaws" item and leave any comments or suggestions to the e-mail address provided at the bottom of the page.

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