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[A Picture of Me]I was born a sinner [1] and baptized into the Body of Christ as an Anglican in Greeley, Colorado [2]. I grew up in West Linn, Oregon (grades 1-11), graduated from Air Academy High School, and have lived in the Pikes Peak Region of Colorado ever since. I am married with children.

I attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and earned a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. I worked for Hewlett-Packard while in college, started there full-time after I graduated, and was with them until I went with their spinoff, Agilent Technologies. My last day with Agilent was October 15, 2002. I hung out my shingle to perform professional software-related services, and returned to HP (known as Hewlett-Packard when both founders were still alive). I left HP in 2010 and am now employed by JDSU.

My Myers-Briggs personality type is INTJ -- very definitely TJ, but my I/E and S/N scores both came out as ties.

I am a survivor of thyroid cancer.

In the summer of 1997 I drove my motorcycle to the Promise Keepers Stand in the Gap in Washington, D.C. on the Christian Motorcycle Association's Ride to the Gap, and drove it home again. 4,300 miles, 13 states, 12 days. I discovered a passion for motorcycle riding, and my faith was deepened by being on the Washington Mall October 4th, 1997. My motorcycle suffered engine failure a year later, so I don't have a ride at the moment. (I rented a "motorbike" on a trip to Penang, Malaysia in 2011. That's quite a story, but I haven't written it yet.)

I strive to keep my priorities straight: first God, then family, then everything else including exploring the Web :).


  1. The phrase, "born a sinner," warrants elaboration -- it's bound to raise the eyebrows of non-Christians. However, it is a subject which I need more time to write about than I have right now. I merely want to say right here that we are, of course, all born sinners. More to the point, I simply like the turn of phrase where I used it. [back]
  2. at Trinity Episcopal Church, founded in 1870. The building where I was baptized, sadly, burned down a year after I was born. [back]

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