In 6 parts linked from this page.  Use the scroll bar to find the second Homily in each part.

    Title, etc.

     I.    A Fruitful Exhortation to the Reading of Holy Scripture.    (pp. 1 through 15)

    II.    Of the Misery of all Mankind.                            (pp. 16-23)


  III.    Of the Salvation of all Mankind.                          (pp. 24-35)

  IV.    Of the true and lively Faith.                                 (pp. 36-47)


   V.    Of Good Works.                                                (pp. 48-65)

  VI.    Of Christian Love and Charity.                            (pp. 66-72)


 VII.    Against Swearing and Perjury.                            (pp. 73-80)

VIII.    Of the Declining from God.                                 (pp. 81-90)


 IX.     An Exhortation against the Fear of Death.            (pp. 91-104)

  X.     An Exhortation to Obedience.                              (pp. 105-117)


 XI.     Against Whoredom and Adultery.                        (pp. 118-133)

XII.     Against Strife and Contention.                             (pp. 134-147)