Abortion and Euthanasia are Murder, Too

9 May 1999

I'm deeply disappointed -- but not at all surprised -- that the media coverage has been so weak when it comes to the connection among abortion, euthanasia, and all the other violence in our society, such as the tragedy at Columbine High School. The murderers in Littleton grew up in a hypocritical society. For the entire span of their lives, Roe v. Wade has guaranteed by law that abortion doctors can murder unborn children -- even while the child is partially born! Now Jack Kevorkian comes along, inspiring many (although not yet a judge and jury, thank God) to embrace the position that murder of an "almost dead" person is morally defensible. Is it any wonder that a couple of renegades took the "Culture of Death" up on its message? First came murders of over 35 million unborn children, then murder of the "nearly dead," and now murder on a whim. The only distinction between those gunmen, abortion doctors, and Jack Kevorkian is the age of their victims (that and the fact that murdering unborn children is legal while murdering born children is, for the time being thank God, still a crime). Murder is wrong, regardless of the age of the victim. Maybe someday all murder will be a crime in America.

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