vom Schaaf

I am a small hobbie breeder of German Bred German Shepherd dogs. I have been actively competing in the sport of Schutzhund for about 14 years now. I also have actively competed in AKC obedience events. I have been and continue to attend many seminars given by some of the top people in the sport. I recently qualified for the USA Nationals and took High in Trial, Tracking, Obedience, and Protecion in the process. I competed in the Nationals with my bitch Anka. I imported her at 10 months of age. I trained and titled her myself to SchH 3. Click below to see ANKA and her PEDIGREE. I also have another bitch (Bandit) out of my 'B' litter breeding. I have completed all her training and have titled her to a SchH 2 at this time. I titled bandits mother and father to a SchH 1. Both of which I owned, trained and titled. Below is my beloved Shadow, he is no longer with us. He started me in SchH and taught me most of what I know today. Thank you shadow.