Sputnik Model Rocket - Step 4

For the last step, insert the dowels evenly around the rear of the styrofoam ball, at a slight angle. Position the dowels as needed so that they are evenly around the engine tube. Once you are satisfied with the position of all the dowels, remove them one at a time and coat the end with 5 minute epoxy. Then, re-insert each dowel. Allow to dry. Finally, take an 1/8" diameter launch rod and place through the launch lug. Press it through the styrofoam ball so that there is now a small hole at the top of the ball for launch rods to go through. You have now completed a mini Sputnik model rocket. I launch my mini Sputniks with A10-3T or A10-TP engines. (The plugged engines are probably best to use.) Have fun!

You can use this same building technique for larger Sputniks, just use longer dowels. I have built a 6" diameter Sputnik that I flew on 24mm motors (D12-3s and E15-4s). This size allowed for the use of an 18" parachute for recovery.

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