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Manuscript Critiquing Services

I will read your manuscript and evaluate it on format, mechanics, beginning and ending hooks, characterization, dialogue, tone/mood, plot, narrative, pacing, point of view, scene structure, word choice, and whether it is suitable for your intended audience.  The manuscript will be returned to you with handwritten suggestions for improvements in the margins, as well as printed summary sheets detailing recommended changes, problem areas, etc.

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Satisfied Customers:

“Amazing!  The advice and professional insight Ms. McCutcheon offered in the critique of my manuscript has helped more than the dozens of ‘How-to’ books I’ve pored over.  She has enabled me to concentrate on areas in my writing that I was too ‘close’ to see.  By utilizing her suggestions and hints, my current projects are much tighter and more focused.  It’s like absorbing all of the information offered at a writer’s conference in a brief format.  Worth every cent.”  — J.B., published romance author

"Thank you so much for a thorough (yet kind!) critique of my manuscript.   Believe me, I am grateful for every mark, every comment, and all the very helpful extra material.  I feel GOOD about the things you said about the ms. and I am so glad that you found the fatal flaw lurking in the background that I missed completely.”   — D.C.

“Pam’s help on my synopsis and book gave me the confidence I needed to send it out and because of her imput I’ve received good feedback and placed in a contest.”  — J. Willhoff

"Thank you for your insight on my synopsis.  I am reading your book now, and it is already helping get a better handle on the synopsis." — K. Collins


Partial (first three chapters and a synopsis, approximately 75 pages = $100.00

Up to 10 pages = $30.00
11-15 pages = $35.00
Over 15 pages, no more than 25 = $40.00

How to Hire Me:

If you have any questions or wish to hire my services, please e-mail me to determine my availability and I will send you my snail mail address.  Please do not send manuscripts by e-mail.  Because of the proliferation of viruses on e-mail attachments, I will delete them unread.  Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I submit to you?
A:Submit your manuscript and/or synopsis in the proper format, meaning it should be typewritten, double-spaced, single-sided, with one inch margins and typed in 12pt Courier (or a similar non-proportional spaced font) type. Also include your name, return address, the genre and target market for your manuscript, and a check or money order for the full amount.  Please allow four to six weeks for delivery.

       Q: Why can’t I send you my manuscript in e-mail?
A:  Because most publishers and literary agents will only accept hard copies and, in order to evaluate your submission properly, I need to see it in the same form they will.  And I never know if there's a virus in that innocent-looking attachment....

       Q:  Why won't you critique my entire manuscript?
A:  Because it wastes my time and your money.  I've found that the mistakes made in a partial are echoed throughout the rest of the manuscript and you can correct the remainder yourself without needing me to point it out to you.

       Q:  What are your qualifications?
A:  I am a published author with ten novels, two novellas, four short stories, and two non-fiction how-to writing books in publication.  I speak on writing subjects across the country, have judged/critiqued in numerous writing contests across all genres from local to regional to national contests, coordinated four writing contests, and provided editing services to a small press.  The feedback I receive from contest entrants, students, and those who have used my service is consistently positive, praising my thoroughness and professionalism.  (References are available upon request.)

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