Fredrick W. Hess, Jr. in Philadelphia, December 1944

Fred Hess in Philadelphia

This is Fred home on the only leave he got in December 1944. Delay enroute to Fort Ord to ship overseaes. He met his namesake for the first and only time until he came home in July 1946. We were both 18 years old.

We lived in Philadelphia, and that picture was taken in front of a Baptist church on the corner of 28th Street and Lehigh Avenue. It was a favorite backdrop for photos compared to the rest of the neighborhood of row houses.

After the war Fred was a salesman, and a good one! He died at age 63 in 1989. He had heart disease and was going in for bypass surgery. Before they took him into surgery he looked up at me and said, "Take care of yourself, kid." He knew. The surgeons couldn't repair his paper-thin vessels. The stitches wouldn't hold. He died in surgery.

Marion Hess
Decatur, Georgia
24 Aug 2000 and 14 Oct 2000

Frederick W. Hess Jr and Marion E. Hess are buried at Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell, Florida.

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