ESR 'n Me

15 August 1999

I just dropped Eric Raymond (ESR) off at the airport. What a weekend! I picked him up mid-day Friday. We drove from DIA to the Springs, stopped in a drive-thru for lunch, and dashed to Hewlett-Packard, where he spoke to a receptive crowd. One audience member said, "I've never sat still for anything for three hours." ESR captivated them. He spoke of many things, but mostly widgets and frosting.

I guess he didn't realize that he would be speaking again at the Pikes Peak Linux User's Group meeting that same evening. He was a little wearied, but he rose to the occasion. For Colorado Springs, the crowd was huge. Of course, it hadn't hurt that The Gazette gave him a page-1 headline! (Bottom of the fold, but still big news.) He gave his standard talk.

We organized Geeks With Guns, Release 7.0 after the talk and broke for dinner.

Saturday I picked up ESR for the day's festivities (thanks, Nelson, for putting him up so close by!). ESR wrote all about Geeks With Guns, Release 7.0, so I won't repeat the story. We partied with the geeky folks from long into the night.

I picked ESR up Sunday at Nelson's house for the trip to the airport. We all got to talking about cool Web resources, and he pointed us to the cluetrain manifesto. Whoa. This group has got it together! Their 95 theses cut right to the heart of what the Internet revolution is going to be.

But I digress. My Christianity and his mysticism were the water and sodium of the weekend! We didn't stop debating, er arguing, ah, yes -- discussing -- our differences of opinion about spiritual matters. I'll have to write a book someday :-).

All in all, it's been the most invigorating three days I can remember.

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