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Tim's Cancer Journal 13 April 2008.

Ground Rush 20 August 2006. I am intrigued by Biblical end times (eschatology) and God's relationship to time. During Advent, 1996 I wrote an essay using the analogy of a skydiver jumping out of an airplane. I added a brief introduction for this new release. Read the essay if you want to know the answer to the question, "How long does a skydiver have to open his parachute once he's jumped out of the plane?"

Ergonomic Stretches 6 August 2005

Take a Stand Against Pornography 21 February 2005

Spiritual Journey 21 February 2005

Give Us Today Our Daily Bread 21 February 2005

keen.com: I had a good experience buying some advice 11 April 2003

Using the Internet for Free 27 December 2002

Ed (Yourdon) 'n Me 16 February 2000

Send comments to NIH about stem cell research by Feb 22nd 10 Feb 2000

Comments about same-sex unions 9 Feb 2000

ESR 'n Me 15 August 1999

Abortion and Euthanasia are Murder, Too 9 May 1999

Terror Beneath the Earth: My First Caving Adventure 7 December 1998

Notes on Mere Christianity 25 April 1996

Choices 20 April 1996 (also self-published at Kuro5hin in 2002). A short story about a man, his lover, his wife, and Dial soap.

For more pieces, see www.geocities.com/tbchambers/wri_indx.htm.

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