memorman Index Page

This is an index page for the home pages available for Mary Morman.

To contact her by email follow these complex (but not difficult) instructions created to foil spam bots gathering email addresses:

  • Use the first and last name as shown above, but put a dot between the two names.
  • Then use the character that resembles the letter "a" with a circle around it.
  • Next add the six-letter name of that famous bridge in Venice named the Rialto.
  • And finish with a dot and then the first three letters of the word "organized".

And who is this Mary Morman person, anyway?.

This page was last updated
30 January 2007.

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Serve It Forth! is a hardcopy newsletter about pre-17th century cooking, culinary sources, culinary history, ingredients, food, and foodways. It is of special interest to cooks within the Society for Creative Anachronism, but is also of interest to anyone doing research, recreation, or redaction on Renaissance and Medieval feasts and recipes.

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The Sourwine Family Home Page is a work-in-progress genealogy home page for the relatives and descendants of James Arthur Sourwine (1884-1957) and his wife Anita May Julien Sourwine (1887-1988).

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The third conference on food, cooking, and foodways in pre-modern Europe was held in June 2005. We expect it to be of interest to many people in the SCA, but it is not sponsored by the SCA. The conference program featured classes, papers, and presentations on European cooking from Rome to the Renaissance. There were some hands-on workshops in modern kitchens.

Click here to go to the home page for Sourwine/Julien Family Reunion. But it doesn't have a lot of photos posted. I have a whole CD full of reunion photos. Email me at the address described on the left and I will mail you a copy of the CD.

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