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Welcome to the Garren's Website. I am Ralph Garren and I am Retired. Martha Garren is my lovely wife. Unlike me, she is not Retired.

We live in colorful Colorado on the high plains east of the Rocky Mountains. We call the city of Pueblo our home and have raised four beautiful children here; Katie, David, Robert and Chris. We are a complicated crew, the result of second marriages and step-families. The current live-in clan consists of a miniature schnauzer named Cricket and a feline named Baby.

We find we enjoy the Grandchildren even more, now that I am retired. Kate has given us three grandsons: Roger Jr., Jonathon, and Kevin. David supplied us with a lovely granddaughter, Halie. Grandchildren Ryan and Elizabeth come by way of Robert. Chris has taken a lovely Russian bride, Oksana, and has added Anton to our family album.

And now that we have time to pursue additional interests, -because I'm Retired- Martha, my wife, dabbles in watercolor and poetry while I -because I'm Retired!- am passionate about photography, fishing and gardening. We have become active in the local Art Guild -now that I am Retired And Loving It!- and have won several awards with our work. And -now that I Am Retired- we plan to rate traveling among our favorite things.

We’ve blended our interests to create this web, hoping to share some of the things that we so dearly love. Feel free to contact us by e-mail after browsing through "Joyworx". We'd love to hear from you!!!

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