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Why "hacks"? Because this is my "personal" page about technical stuff. See the jargon file's "Meaning of Hack" and compare with the definition of "hack." I am not a computer cracker (which journalists lazily equate with "hackers").

registered Linux user# 350853

If you need to communicate with me privately, use my PGP key.

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(My Geek Code is a snapshot of a time before June, 2003. I am pleased that I have achieved one of my goals: L+++$.)
Version: 3.1
GCS/P d d+(-) d-- s:+>: a+>? C U>++++ P++++>+++++ L+>+++$ E++ W++(--)>+++
N+(-) !o@ K? w(--) O->+++ M? V? PS---(-) PE(++) Y+@ PGP->+++ t+() 5++@ X--
R->* tv+@>++$ b++@>+++ DI++(++++)>- D--- G(-)>++++ e++>++++ h--- r+++>++

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Last Updated: 26 August 2006
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