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It's very difficult for me to throw some things away. This is as close as I can get as far as writing is concerned. The following was the welcome text on my home page from 1999 until 2005. I finally decided to cut the strings and leave old stuff behind now that I blog.

I homesteaded the Web at GeoCities (www.geocities.com/Athens/3680/) way back before they even had popup ads. In early 1999 I decided it was time to cut the strings and commit to a Web host that doesn't require me to serve up ads, so I chose divide.net (purchased by PCI Systems in 2002). Then I read about Yahoo's purchase of GeoCities and the immediate controversy over intellectual property rights at Slashdot. That was all I needed to start accelerating my migration to this Web site.

I'm slowly moving in (6 years and counting :). For now, I only have sections here for my causes, writing and my hacks (technology and work-related features, such as Software Reliability Engineering, my geek code, etc.). My scrapbook contains a variety of documents that reflect my key personal interests. I strive to put God first in my life, and that is reflected in the highlights of my scrapbook, which include Christmas carol lyrics, my Promise Keepers page, and a few Anglican resources that I have developed. I collect prayers said before meals and bedtime prayers -- including prayers suitable for children.

I am a struggling writer, and in addition to blogging and writing for my church newsletter, my publications to date include "Give Us Today Our Daily Bread," on the importance of daily spiritual nourishment; "Ground Rush," an essay about God's relationship to time, Biblical end times (eschatology), and parachutes; a short story in a contemporary setting titled "Choices"; a summary of Mere Christianity; and a few letters to the editor of my local newspaper on the subjects of abortion, who should care for the poor, and Christians seeking a democratic voice.

I also like to read, and the first document I produced that got me significant web traffic (by 1994 standards :), was a synopsys of First Things First, by Stephen Covey. I merely transcribed it from the book jacket. Sigh. How times have changed -- now Yahoo lists a site for The Covey Leadership Center. Anyway, you can read my comments about several other books that I have read by visiting my book reviews page.

For older stuff, just jump to my Scrapbook site map and pick from there!

Home :: Welcome

Last Updated: 21 February 2005
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