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Dwarf planet, Eris

Average distance from the Sun     5,535,121,215 km / 37 AU — 14,510,993,457 km / 97 AU
Diameter     approximately 2,500 km
Mass     1.6e22 kg
Orbital period around the Sun     557 Earth years / 203,600 Earth days
Number of moons     1, Dysnomia
Eris, originally nicknamed Xena, is around the same size as Pluto, which is about 2,330 km across. Its elongated orbit takes it far outside of the main region of the Kuiper belt. Due to Eris's eccentric orbit, Eridian surface temperature is estimated to vary between about 30 and 56 kelvin (−243 and −217 degrees Celsius).

Our Solar System

Our solar system is located on the edge of a spiral arm called Orion’s Arm, and is one-half to two-thirds of the way (28,000 light-years) from the center of our Milky Way galaxy.

The Sun, Sol

The Inner Planets
    The Moon

The Asteroid Belt
  Dwarf planet, Ceres
  Asteroid, Ida
  Asteroid, Vesta
  Asteroid, Eros

The Outer Planets

The Kuiper Belt
  Dwarf planet, Pluto
  Dwarf planet, Eris

The Oort Cloud
  Dwarf planet, Sedna
  Comet Halley
  Comet Hale-Bopp

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