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I'm Tim Chambers, a.k.a. tbc. If you google me you'll see that there is also poetry by Tim Chambers in the top search results, but my poetry is different from the Tim Chambers or, for that matter, any of the Tim Chambers poets at Googling 1E4AF729D5CEFFD0 returns content unique to me.
(but it's not really about me)

Tim Chambers high school guestbook

Live life differently. Go against the flow.

Responsibility In Free Speech
Freedom comes with responsibility!
Take a stand against pornography 
Choosing to have no part of pornography, nude pictures, or erotic material.
African orphans The mission of Chosen Children International (CCI) is to break the cycle of poverty for orphans and destitute children in developing nations by extending Christ's love to them. CCI endeavors to give children the skills necessary to break the poverty cycle by giving them educational opportunities, spiritual and emotional counseling, nutritional support, and by giving them a chance to live in our holistic children's villages where they will be taught to be effective leaders of their societies.
Personal Information
Permanent Features

Words that describe me are: Christian, Anglican/Episcopalian, Promise Keeper, Colorado native, MIT alumnus, Hewlett-Packard round-tripper, Agilent Technologies charter employee and alumnus, software engineer, cancer survivor, and independent journalist.

My personal biography is brief. My professional page is brief; my professional biography isn't so brief. I've done a little traveling.

If you need to communicate with me privately, use my PGP key. (For more information about privacy, see

The text ads in this section sometimes represent my commercial interests. Right now, they're just plugs for a couple of pages of my own choosing.

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