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Last Updated: 4/12/98



General Questions

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This list of Frequently Asked Questions is devoted to answering the most common of inquiries that I have received since the List website began back in June of 1996.

New Questions on updates will have “NeW QuEsTiOn! DATE” above it, so when you’re scrolling, look for the Gold letters for new questions!

If there are any questions you feel I may have missed in this F.A.Q., please e-mail me and let know! Please use the mail icon on the Lists’ Homepage for now. If I receive enough requests, I will pose new questions every month or so.

I will try to cite the source of any information posted below so that curious readers may find the facts for themselves. Some of the data I have been given comes from sources who prefer not to be identified, so do not count on finding a reference for every fact listed.

PLEASE REMEMBER: The writing below actually contains some of my opinions about the SPAWN toy line and about the world of collecting. As with any opinion, if you oppose it, feel free to let me know, but please do not vent, whine or flame me. My opinions are fluid and they can change at any time...and with any luck, yours change every now and then, too!



GENERAL QUESTIONS (Questions I am Asked Personally):

Q: Do you help make the SPAWN figures? Are you part of Todd McFarlane Productions?
A: The answer to both of those questions is “No.” I am a fan of SPAWN just like you! I have nothing to do with the manufacture, design and generation of new SPAWN figures...yet. However, if you want an inside look at the factory (and the Third World workers who slaved away there) which produced the FIRST SPAWN Figures, check out the end of the SPAWN COMIC BOOK Issue #26. This book may be available at your local Comic Book Retailer.

Q: If you don’t make the figures, where do you get your information about them?
A: Simple. I read the On-Line Magazine Action Figure Times, the print magazine Lee’s Action Figure and Toy Review (which is an OK magazine, but I don’t swear to it because it is East and West coast centric!), the McFarlane Toys Collector’s Club Flyers (A GREAT source for EXCLUSIVE variant info) and I read the “END CAP” section in the back of most of the SPAWN COMIC BOOKS (If you buy the comics, MAKE SURE YOU READ THEM ALL COVER TO COVER- the story of SPAWN in the comic is VERY different from the Animated Series and it is VERY different from the Movie!). I also take careful notes of newly discovered figures and I HUNT HUNT HUNT! I am not an obsessed collector (No matter how big the List is...hmm...maybe I AM deluding myself), but I do go out quite a lot and have spent many a late night searching for new figures. I usually spend a good 10 hours a week looking for figures at various stores throughout my region. Where do I hunt? If I posted it here, I would never find a figure again simply because my local Wal-Mart AND K-Mart don’t carry SPAWN figures anymore, and the only 3 or 4 stores that do here barely have enough to fill one peg most of the time. I will say that I live in the Midwest (which has a lack of a good collecting publication), and I seem to have the best luck at Kay-Bee’s, Toys ‘R Us’ and Targets.

Q: Do you even read the SPAWN comic?
A: I just read 1 through 76 for the 9th time, and it keeps getting better! Every time I think the series is dragging, really cool moments keep popping up (Like the end of Issue #54...). Darn right I read the comic! (I have read CURSE OF THE SPAWN 1 through 24, too! More power to Tony Twistelli!)

Q: Did you watch the HBO Series
A: Sure did. LOVED IT (though I think it moved a little too fast). Best Scene from First Season: When SPAWN intercepts the man following Wanda in Central Park, and then proceeds to interrogate him 10 feet off the ground! Best scene from Second Season: Chapel’s slight breakdown...

Q: Do you hoard?
A: No. I usually buy one of each character to open and then at least one of every variant I can find and afford. I almost always leave more than I find, but sometimes getting a case can’t be helped. If I do that, I help others to get the figures, too. I have no love for people who buy 5+ of ANY figure just for investment purposes- they ARE toys, you know!

Q: How many variations do you own?
A: I own 260 variants as of October 17th, 1998. The other 40 or so I have seen in collector stores or on the shelves, and a few I have seen simply because of readers like you! How many variants do I want? ALL of them I have seen, but that’s a long road to hoe...

Q: How can you tell if someone has faked a variation in a picture sent to you?
A: I have my ways. I do not really want to say, but if anyone does send me a fake photo (none that I have appear to be faked), then I hope they realize just how much of a jerk that would make them! Why deceive your fellow collector? Why lie? Because you can? Just remember: Everything comes back to you in the end, and liars will get theirs someday...

Q: Why don’t you count Foreign variations?
A: Too hard to track-- especially the Japanese variants. I listed the Canadian CLOWN II variant (without the head on the arm) simply because some may have been released in the Northern U.S., despite the French-Canadian packaging. I list what I know; if I had access to foreign markets, you can bet I would list foreign variants!

Q: McFarlane Toys says they do not give out production numbers on their figures (End Cap Section in the back of SPAWN Comic Book #70: “We don’t give out production numbers on our figures, either limited edition or regular series”). Where did you get yours?
A: A few of the numbers I got from the End Cap sections of the comic books, believe it or not. However, the majority came from an F.A.Q. List they used to have on the Official SPAWN Website. This F.A.Q. List stayed there forever- with Series 2 information and Series 3 being the “New Set” when Series 5 had just been released! They finally moth-balled it, but I still got the numbers.

Q: McFarlane Toys did their own Official List- Why continue doing the Un-Offical Spawn Master List?
A: At first, I was severely dis-heartened when I saw the McFarlane Toys Master List. I thought I was out of a hobby. Only after carefully scrutinizing the McFarlane List and comparing it to mine, and then cross-checking with my own collection and the pictures of figures I had documented, did I realize that the Un-Official Spawn Master List had more confirmed entries. McFarlane’s List does not track a lot of package variations or some smaller paint differences. The McFarlane List also updates once or twice every three MONTHS. I have the potential to update a lot more often than that, and track a lot more variations that appear at stores, which the McFarlane Corporate workers may not have a chance to see. Several variations have slipped by McFarlane Toys (Series 1 “5 Cent” OVERTKILL, Bald Series 3 COSMIC ANGELA, etc.), and sometimes it is the fans like us who let them know about their own action figure variations!!!

To put it bluntly, I will continue to update the Un-Official Spawn Master List until the SPAWN Action Figure Line dies, or I am paid to do it better someplace else (Like, for instance...just a thought!). If the latter of that happens, I will post a mirror site here-- don’t hold your breath!

On another note, I started the site in June 1996 by sending the first draft to the Action Figure Times On-Line. Series 4 had just been released, and wild, unsubstantiated rumors began to fly about figures no one had ever seen or heard of before. Variants were listed in legion, and no one, not any publication I had read or any list I had seen posted had all of the variations I owned or had seen on other lists. Mis-information was everywhere, and there was no truth to a lot of rumors. I had a few friends who were burned on Internet deals by collector shops because variants were listed incorrectly or mixed up. I was fed up, and so I decided to start this site and only post variants I had seen and confirmed. Even though I may not own every variant I have listed, I can find them!

Q: Will you do more List sites for other McFarlane Toys? (i.e. Total Chaos, Wetworks, etc.)
A: I would love too, but I have a time consuming full-time job! I have to stay busy working, so I do not have a lot of time to start new Master Lists. (Not that I haven’t collected variant information on the other toy lines, I just don’t have the time to code and make them as good as they can be!)


Q: Why don’t you post prices on your list?
OR: I have (INSERT FIGURE NAME HERE!). Is (HE, SHE, IT) worth a lot of money?
A: I get a lot of questions about “worth.” In my opinion, the toy is “worth” what you put into it. Now I do not mean to offend anyone (but I invariably will), but please consider: Did you buy you figures from a dealer that charged you outrageous prices rather than wait and hunt for them at retail? If so, then those figures are worth what you paid for them. If you woke up at 8:00 AM for three weeks straight waiting for figures to arrive at a store and then bought all of them to resell and not keep, then your figures are worthless. If you woke up at 8:00 AM for three weeks straight to find two figures for yourself: one to open and one to keep in the cool packaging, then your figures are priceless. If you woke up at 8:00 AM for three weeks straight to buy three figures: one to open, one to keep and one to trade, then ALL three of your figures are worth EXACTLY how much it cost you to trade just ONE of them As for Price Guides, I use Toyfare (by Wizard Press), White’s Price Guide and Lee’s Action Figure and Toy Review for an average price, then I knock it down $20. In the long run, that is what your figure will REALLY be worth unless you are a true fan of SPAWN. If you love SPAWN each figure you have should always be priceless. If you disagree, in my opinion, then you are in the wrong hobby and you should find a job as a stock broker.

Q: I have (INSERT FIGURE NAME HERE!) that is (MISSING A PIECE, UPSIDE DOWN, ON THE WRONG CARD, ETC.) Will you add it to the Master List?
A: Not unless I verify 10 reports of it and SEE it for myself! There are such things as factory flaws, and very few of these are produced in enough quantities to be called variations.

UpDaTeD QuEsTiOn! 10/17/98
Q: What are your favorite SPAWN variants?
A: First off, I like them all. My particular favorites happen to be the following:
Series 3: Puzzle Zoo / ShopKo Gray-White VERTEBREAKER. Also the McFarlane Toys Collector’s Club Exclusives of Red VIOLATOR II and Black-Copper VERTEBREAKER.
Series 4: The MAXX, ALL ISZES!!!, SHE-SPAWN Repaint and CYBER-VIOLATOR II. EXO-SKELETON SPAWN (Tan bones) gets an honorable mention.
Series 5: RED VANDALIZER, Black-Red WIDOW MAKER, OVERTKILL II Repaint and the Purple TREMOR II.
Series 8: CURSE OF THE SPAWN, GRAVE DIGGER and ROTARR (c’mon, he IS cool!)
If I had to pick just one: I would pick the F.A.O. SCHWARZ Series 5 RED VANDALIZER. He is just TOO cool- a marked improvement over the first paint job, great colors, new sculpted head, a gruesome appearance and a STAND! Even though he has never been in the SPAWN comic, I still think he RULES! What more do you want from a SPAWN figure? (Movie Series’ DELUXE VIOLATOR with Light-up Eyes would be No. 2, and SPAWN III is Number 3 on my list...if only you could replace his batteries...)

Q: Now that the 13 Inch Line is complete, will you add them to the Master List?
A: Maybe. I would need information on the 13 Inch SPAWN and ANGELA variants I might have missed! If anyone has any pictures they would like to contribute, please let me know! I would like to do this list!

Q: Why have the updates become fewer and farther between lately?
A: Like I said, I have to work a lot now. However, the “Man” won’t keep me from making the Un-Official SPAWN Master List Website the best it can be! And, why yes, I am available for hire...


Series 1 Questions:

Q: Which cards were the rarest? With or Without Lightning Backs?
A: Despite the fact that the Comic cards came first, the Lightning Backs are rarer with the exception of the 1st Edition VIOLATOR-- he came with a hanger on top that has not been used since. The reason the Lightning backs are the most scarce is because on entire shipment coming from the factory overseas was lost when a Filipino freighter containing them sank. The figures were either damaged, lost, or hoarded by Davy Jones (who is keeping them in his Locker!). This means that in the end, less of the Lightning backs made their way to the United States. If you want to verify the accident, check out the “BLAH, BLAH BLAH 23” section at the end of the SPAWN COMIC BOOK Issue #28. This book may be available at your local Comic Book Retailer.

Q: Why did they release GOLD versions of the Series 1 Figures?
A: It is a simple rule of retail, really. An action figure production mold (or sets of them) cost a LOT of money make, copy and upkeep. They are constantly subjected to extreme heat and gooey plastic, so they are frequently cleaned and/or replaced. When a company stops making certain figures, like McFarlane Toys did when they stopped making Series 1 figures, then the molds and their castings sit and decay. If you can find a new use for the mold, like making Repaints or GOLD editions of figures, then the return on the investment suddenly and dramatically increases! Basically: Keep using old molds = decreased production costs = increased profits. Hasbro/Kenner and Toybiz have all caught on to this practice, as many of their figures and vehicles are all made twice (repaints) or made from old molds.

Q: Did they really release OVERTKILL with a hand-painted 5 cents sign on the meter?
A: Yes, but he is REALLY rare. I answer this question using the “END CAP” sections in the SPAWN COMIC BOOKS Issues #39 and 40. These books may be available at your local Comic Book Retailer.

I quote: “Once again, this was one of the factory’s decisions that Todd was not privy to. This version of OVERTKILL is very rare as they stopped producing them as soon as Todd saw the first sample. The paint master for this figure was provided to the factory with 10 cents tampo painted on the meter, and thus seeing the 5 cents hand painted on the meter was a surprise to everyone at McFarlane Toys. This version with the 5 cent meter probably represents only 3 or 4% of its entire run”

If you are lucky enough to find this OVERTKILL (as I did once), you will notice that it really does look bad. I cannot blame Todd for wanting to halt production on it.


Series 2 Questions:

Q: Why did the “Todd Toys” logo change to “McFarlane Toys?”
A: I think this is best described in the “END CAP” section of the SPAWN COMIC BOOK Issue #34. This book may be available at your local Comic Book Retailer.

I quote: “Todd Toys has changed it’s name to McFarlane Toys. However, don’t be alarmed. This is a legal matter only, and does not change the operations of the company one iota. The name change was prompted after Mattel notified Mr. McFarlane that they have a doll from the Barbie line named Todd. Mattel felt consumers may confuse an action figure line named Todd Toys as being associated with their Todd doll, and interfere with sales of both lines. Even though Todd is a fighter, he resolved the situation rather than create ill will between the two companies.”

Personally, I think he should have changed the name of the company to “Malibu-Skipper’s-boyfriend-named-Todd-who-makes-figures-that-would-eat-Ken-and-Barbie-for-Lunch Toys.” Oh well...I guess McFarlane Toys sounds better, right? (Certainly saves on the printing costs!)

Q: Why did they stop using the metal rivets to hold the bubbles onto the Series 2 cards?
A: Cost! A little copper rivet can cost as much as 1 and a half cents! Do that times 6 and you have 9 cents a card + inking costs + plastic costs! Conversely, stronger glue would only cost about 3 cents per card, and there you have it! When you factor in the thousands of carded figures released, saving 6 cents a card REALLY adds up!

Q: How do you pronounce “MALEBOLGIA?”
A: To answer this question, I will use the “END CAP” sections in the SPAWN COMIC BOOKS Issues #39 and 40. These books may be available at your local Comic Book Retailer.

I quote: “Not surprisingly, we have had numerous people ask how MALEBOLGIA is pronounced. Malebolgia consists for three syllables. The first sounds like ‘mal’ with emphasis on the ‘A’, and rhymes with ‘gal.’ The second sound is ‘BOWL,’ and the third sound is ‘sha.’ The last sound is the hardest to describe. The ‘sh’ sounds like it does in ‘sheep’ and the ‘a’ is long like ‘ah.’ “
If you still have problems with this word, try “Hooked On Phonics.” (It didn’t work for me because I never needed it, but I hear it is good...)


Series 3 Questions:

Q: Why bother tracking the package top variants (Jagged Top vs. Round Top)?
A: I track them simply because no one else lists them. I also think its valuable to know the difference because it is easier to tell first release Series 3 figures from later ones. This might help someone spot a 1st Edition COSMIC ANGELA from a distance in a shop without having to see the back of her head.

Q: I have heard that the CYBER-VIOLATOR pictured on the back of the Series 3 cards was actually the repaint. Why didn’t they picture the original version?
A: This was a REALLY prevalent question early in the Lists’ history. I answer it using the “END CAP” sections in the SPAWN COMIC BOOKS Issues #39 and 40. These books may be available at your local Comic Book Retailer.

I quote: “The cybernetic parts were made to come out when we either did repaints on this line or another small run of that character. When it came down to shooting the photos for the packaging, the photographer only had this version of the Violator, so we thought we would provide a sneak peak of what the toy would eventually look like.”

It is also interesting to note that the final CYBER-VIOLATOR changed from the version used in the photo. A steel jaw was added to replace the original fleshy-toothed version.

Q: I have heard that the VERTEBREAKER pictured on the back of the Series 3 cards was a repaint and not the original version. Is this true?
A: This is true. VERTEBREAKER was originally intended to look like the Puzzle Zoo / ShopKo Exclusive, but the paint production was not complete when they were ready to release the figure. So, rather than delay the line, they used the repaint scheme (whose colors were readily available) and released the figure. This means everyone bought a repaint before the original version for the first time in the history of SPAWN figures.

Q: Why did they start gluing the Information Cards on the outside of the outer bubble instead of keeping them sandwiched between thr outer and inner bubbles?
A: Believe it or not, no one seems to know. If they had kept the sandwich design, glue money could have been saved. As to why it was changed, my guess is that it had to do with a production problem or something to that effect. If anyone has solid information on this, please let me know!


Series 4 Questions:

Q: Why didn’t McFarlane Toys repaint THE MAXX?
A: For those who never read THE MAXX Comic Book, the simplest reason he was never repainted is because he never changes his color! And a MAXX that is not purple AIN’T the MAXX! (Well, except for Sara’s MAXX...) If this is not a good enough explanation, then here is the one offered by the “END CAP” sections in the SPAWN COMIC BOOK Issues #47 and 48. These books may be available at your local Comic Book Retailer.

I quote: “Early on, we decided not to repaint the MAXX. The colors are both very recognizable, and such a part of his character that we felt we couldn’t change them. Instead, be on the look out for Cyber-Violator who will be packaged along with these (Series 4) repaints”

So there’s the explanation as to why THE MAXX was never repainted. You may also want to take notice that it took at least 6 months for CYBER-VIOLATOR to be released (The COMIC BOOK Issue #39 mentioned the figure, while the COMIC BOOK issue #47 confirmed it!)

Q: Why were the Assortment and Master Numbers added to the Series 4 Repaint Cards?
A: This is one question I actually do not have a definitive answer for from any of my sources. We can only assume that they were added in order to better keep track of card printings and variations. Other than that, no one really knows.


Series 5 Questions:

Q: Why did the card design completely change?
A: To my surprise, this is an easy question to answer. A plethora of sources exist to answer this question. I take the first part of the answer to this question using the “END CAP” section in the SPAWN COMIC BOOK Issue #51. This book may be available at your local Comic Book Retailer.

I quote: “We’ve gotten rid of the excess plastic on the bottom of the packages. While they did make the figures look larger, they just were too easily dented. In this age when collectability is a definite percentage of the market, we felt we could help keep the toys ‘Mint On Card.’ By shrinking the plastic, we’ve also gotten rid of the paper label that was stuck on it (another problem with ‘mint’ condition was if the glue didn’t hold right, the paper could get folded...) All the information that was on the label has now moved to a small section on the back of the card. We’ve used a slightly thicker plastic for the bubble, too. This helps protect the figures. But the most significant changes were made to the card itself. The ‘lightning’ effect is now behind the figure, with a large Spawn logo going up on a diagonal on the upper left hand corner. Each series will have a different color logo, so you can tell at a glance when a new batch of toys has arrived at your store. Series five has a green logo, series six purple, etc. The name of the figure is now running down the upper right side of each card. This means that a convenient glance down the side of a peg display will be all you need to see what is hanging there.”

So, as you can see, McFarlane toys tried to make our lives easier changing the package. It definitely make looking for figures on the peg’s easier. There are some drawbacks to this new packaging, however...

I quote: “While our initial line of figures were clamshelled, they really cost a lot more to package that way, not to mention all that wasted plastic. We’ve toyed with using pop-rivets to hold the blisters on the card, and now a much stronger glue than before. Sure, under some hot, humid, and pressure conditions, the blister still separate from the card, but overall we seem to have it fixed.”

So be careful of humidity and heat! You don’t want to open any collected figures UN-intentionally.


Series 6 Questions:

Q: Why did they add the bars onto the back of the cards?
A: Due to the darkness of the original background, McFarlane Toys thought that some of the figures’ accessories would become “lost” on the cards. Dark colored accessories would not show up as well, so the slant-bar backgrounds were added to accentuate them, and to make the figures standout off of the cards, too.


Series 7 Questions:

Q: Why did McFarlane Toys use the “2nd Edition” stickers on the Series 7 Repaint?
A: Simple. The new stickers make it easier to pick out the Series 7 Repaints from the regular release of Series 7.


Series 8 Questions:

Q: Why did they change the name to “Sabre” from “Buffalo?”
A: There is no real answer to that question. I will use the answer offered by the “END CAP” section in the SPAWN COMIC BOOK Issue #60. This book may be available at your local Comic Book Retailer.

I quote: “The figure known as BUFFALO is now known as SABRE. He’s still a big hulking brute that menaces the RENEGADE SPAWN, but he just underwent a name change. Any similarities between him and the team that plays hockey in the state of New York is purely coincidental.”

Coincidence? Suuuuure....Todd McFarlane is an infamous Hockey fiend...

Q: Why did they shrink GRAVEDIGGER’S BUBBLE?
A: Shrinking the bubble saves McFarlane Toys plastic, thereby, saving them more money. There are currently no production numbers regarding the larger bubbles, so we have to assume that they were produced in VERY limited quantities.


Movie Series Questions:

Q: Why do you post the Deluxe 9” Figures (MALEBOLGIA, SPAWN, VIOLATOR)?
A: The answer is because they ROCK! These are original figures to the line, not just a remold as the original 13” figures were. They are distinctly different than the original SPAWN and ANGELA 13” figures, which were, in my opinion, just bigger versions of the smaller, pre-existing figures.


Series 9 Questions:

Q: Why did they eliminate MANGA MEDIEVAL SPAWN and change MANGA ANGELA to THE GODDESS?
A: An answer to this question has not yet been provided. Keep on eye on the END CAP section in the next few issues of the SPAWN comic. I am sure an explanation will pop up sooner or later...

Q: Why didn’t the first release Series 9 figures have the Kanji Scripting on them?
A: To put it simply, I don’t know. I am sure an explanation has been posted, but it has eluded me. If anyone has this info, please let me know!


Series 10 Questions:

Q: Why didn’t they use metallic paint for the figures like they did on the Series 11 figures?
A:Once again, a question with no definite answer. A good guess would be that McFarlane Toys did not have access to metallic paint at the time.


Series 11 Questions:

Q: Why did the packaging for THE SKULL QUEEN change from her not holding her axe to her carrying it?
A:Aesthetics. If you look at THE SKULL QUEEN variant that has her NOT holding her axe, it looks cluttered inside the bubble. The version of THE SKULL QUEEN where she IS holding her axe looks a lot better.


Series 12 Questions:

Q: Where did you get your information on the new figures?
A:I picked up a McFarlane Toys catalog from my local comic retailer! These catalogs were free to the public- check you local comic shop NOW- they may still have a few!



The “Ask Todd McFarlane” contest on “” has come to a close and Todd answered a few questions...and the answers are COOL (Especially the NEW info about the upcoming SPAWN Movie sequel!) “Yours truly” actually got 5 questions answered by Todd HIMSELF (I can’t believe it! But then again-) Don’t believe it? Check out the REALAUDIO Clips (And download the RealAudio Version G2Beta using the link on the answers page of the “” site- it’s pretty cool!)! The audio clips contain some extra stuff not in the printed article!

Thanks go to Tim at for letting me know about the contest!



If you have any additional questions you would like to add, please click on the envelope below:


Thanks for reading the the F.A.Q.!!!

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