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The Un-Official SPAWN MASTER List Web Site’s
OFFICIAL “Legalese:”


The Un-Official SPAWN MASTER LIST Web site
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NONE of the Spawn Action Figures listed are for sale via this web site and ALL SALES INQUIRIES OR SOLICITATION WILL BE IGNORED.

I retain all intellectual property rights through every page on this web site with this Disclaimer. The information on this page pertains to all pages throughout the Un-Official Spawn Master List Web Site.

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All Rights to the Spawn-related Trademarks, ©'s and Content within are Reserved by Todd McFarlane Productions.
The McFarlane Toys Action Figure Diplays and The OFFICIAL Complete List of McFarlane Action Figures were created by Edge Marketing
for Todd McFarlane Productions, and were NOT created by me.

Contributors and EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS:
Brian Sejas (for all of the trades, the V3 URL idea, and for inspiring me to keep my site going!), Billy Jo (for sending me GREAT pictures confirming variations), STV_the_VCTM (aka Steve “The Victim-” for the great tips and info!), Steve P. (for being the FIRST reader to send pictures to confirm a variant!), Matt W. (for telling me the Series 9 translations!), Jericho Jones (for making a point), Paul Ely (hope the software is coming along!), Terje Miller (for keeping me on my toes), Uncle Bob (for keeping in touch!), Angel (for putting wind in my sails and being a great friend- see the back of the SPAWN Comic #68 for a picture of her!), Steve Kisielka (for pointing out something in the SPAWN Movie), ”Rusty” (for being the first reader to send me a scan confirming the Movie Series’ SPIKED SPAWN), Keith DuFresne (for sending me JPEGS confirming Series 7 Figures, and for confirming RED Vandalizer),Takashi Chiba (for sending me the FIRST pictures of the Series 3 Repaints!), Steve Swope (for being the 3rd person to send me pictures confirming variations- and the FIRST person to send them via the Internet, and for giving me a Math Lesson!), Jim Miller (for being the 2nd person to send me pictures confirming variations!), Sean (for confirming Movie Series variations), Scott B. (for confirming a variant), Carlos N. (for being the first to tell me to look for the Series 6 Card variants!), Michael A. (for dispelling some rumors!), Allen L. (for confirming info.), Chad Sullivan (for pointing out a Series 12 problem), Deb Weiss of Wonderful World of Animation, Inc., Ed’s Cards and Comics (for NEVER overpricing their figures!)

AND STILL- to this day- Jason S. and Family (for all of the rides, food, games, etc.!), David Aragon (who will get a computer someday so he can read this!), David Anderson (for getting a few figures for me), Monty Weaver (for some figures and some interesting times), Sara M. (for making life interesting), Alegria (for more than I can ever thank her for), Beth D. (for more than I can ever thank her for), John B. (for more than I can ever thank him for), AND TO EVERY STORE EMPLOYEE WHO ACTUALLY LOOKS FOR FIGURES IN THE BACK, AND GIVES THEM TO THOSE WHO TRULY WANT THEM!

And to Mangala Sadhu Sangeet Singh Khalsa for the Series 1 through Series 6 Picture (although I am not using it right now, it WILL be posted on this site again!)

I couldn’t have done it without ALL of you!

Todd McFarlane, Al Simmons, Chet Jaques, “Sir Steve” for the Inspiration and for the E-mail Registration Idea, Michael Stevens (for adding this site to his links!), Jason S. (for still MORE rides and Friendship!), Takashi Chiba (for adding me to his links), and to anyone else out there I might have missed who has added me to their links!

To all the girls I've Loved before- you weren't enough- I want one more! Excelsior!


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