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Series 7 Action Figures
Assortment Number: 10180

A skip exists between the Series 6 and Series 7 Assortment Numbers because
the SPAWN Special Edition Action Figure Line (i.e. FUTURE SPAWN, MUTANT SPAWN, SPAWN III, etc.) uses the 10160 Assortment Number. Series 1 of the McFarlane Toys TOTAL CHAOS Action Figure line used the Assortment Number 10170.


The Spawn Logo color change from the Series 6 Purple Color to the Series 7 Orange Color and the usage of a Two-Letter Code to denote different figures are the main differences between the Series 6 and Series 7 figures.

Information stickers appear on various outside corners of the bubble-packs. They are Black in color with an Orange skull design on the Original Versions of the figures, while a Sticker that says “2nd Edition” is used on the bubbles of the Repaints.

All peg-hole die-cuts on the Series 7 cards are round.

When an accessory or sticker is referred to as being on the left or right side of a bubble pack, the reference point is from the perspective of looking directly at the front of an unopened figure.

The Assortment and Master Numbers for each figure can be found on the front lower right hand side of the card.

The Series Number "7" is found on the front lower left hand side of the card, which denotes the figure as a member of Series 7.

Each figure has a Two-Letter Code that can be used to browse the figures easily while they are hanging on pegs. This code can be found on the front lower left hand side of the card, below the series number. Series 7 was the first group of SPAWN Ultra-Action Figures that used this type of coding.




Edition Number in bold type and Description of Variation in regular type.
McFarlane Toys Two-Letter Code in bold type.
McFarlane Toys Assortment and Master Number in bold type.

McFarlane Toys Item Number in bold type:
On the Series 7 cards, this 5-digit number is located in the numeric UPC code on the back of the figure.
The Item Numbers do not appear anywhere else on the cards.

Major Variant For Series 7: The Repaints have different stickers than the Original Versions on the outsides of the figure bubbles.
The Original Versions have an Orange Skull Design while the Repaints have a sticker that says “2nd Edition.”
An “O” will be used for for the Orange Skull Design, while a “2ND” will be used for the “2nd Edition” sticker.

Which logo appears on the card? McFarlane Toys (MCF):
Just an "MCF" will be used in bold print since ALL of the Series 7 figures have the McFarlane Toys logo.

*RUMORED VARIATIONS I HAVE NOT SEEN: in bold type, followed by the Description of the Possible Variant.
These figures are ones I have either heard of OR read about, but I have never PHYSICALLY SEEN them! They may exist, but I have no physical proof. (i.e. A commercially released THE MANGLER designated as WOLF SPAWN on the card).
If there are no rumored variants, then this section will be removed and not appear under the list of the other variants.


1st Edition: Gray Body. Red Loincloth. ZM 10180 0001 10181 O MCF
2nd Edition: Etc., etc.


And now, without further ado, the


Series 7 Action Figure List


1st Edition: Gray Body- Red Loincloth. Pointed, Long Sword. ZM 10180 0001 10181 O MCF
2nd Edition: Gray Body- Red Loincloth. Rounded, Shorter Sword. ZM 10180 0001 10181 O MCF
3rd Edition: White/Gray Body- Logo on Loincloth. Rounded, Shorter Sword. Chainsaw molded INTO Left hand. ZM 10180 0001 10181 2ND MCF

1st Edition: Gray/Black Body. Staff with White/Brown Skull. MG 10180 0001 10182 O MCF
2nd Edition: Red/Maroon Body. Bright Red Blood on Fangs and Claws. MG 10180 0001 10182 2ND MCF

1st Edition: White/Tan Bones. Mini-monster "Nutnik" included. SG 10180 0001 10183 O MCF
2nd Edition: White/Black Bones. Mini-monster "Nutnik" now Top Horn. SG 10180 0001 10183 2ND MCF

1st Edition: Green on Face. “Cornboy” Tattoo on Right Arm. CR 10180 0001 10184 O MCF
2nd Edition: Blue on Face. “Smile” Tattoo on Stomach. CR 10180 0001 10184 2ND MCF

1st Edition: Brain with Mouth Head. Green “Armour.” NB 10180 0001 10185 O MCF
2nd Edition: Half Cyber and Half Brain Head. Yellow “Armour” NB 10180 0001 10185 2ND MCF

1st Edition: Dark Green Tie on Sam. ST 10180 0001 10186 O MCF
2nd Edition: Red and White Tie on Sam. ST 10180 0001 10186 2ND MCF

1st Edition: Red Cape. LED Eyes w/out Light Pipe. Bat and OWL Accessories-
1st Edition: Figure comes in long, horizontal box with window. Cape is partially spread open.
1st Edition: 10160 0005 10163 MCF
2nd Edition: Red Cape. LED Eyes w/out Light Pipe. Bat and WOLF Accessories-
2nd Edition: Figure comes in long, horizontal box with window. Cape is partially spread open.
2nd Edition: 10160 0005 10163 MCF

The following figure is NOT a SPAWN ACTION FIGURE!

He was part of the 1996-97 McFarlane Toys Line called TOTAL CHAOS.
This figure replaced the action figure named GORE in the Re-paint Assortment of the Series 1 TOTAL CHAOS Action Figures.
It is being listed here because it was released around the same time as the rest of the Series 7 figures, and it's body and accessories were made out of old SPAWN Series Action Figure parts!

It is also being listed to avoid possible confusion, as the figure could easily be mistaken for a
Series 1 MEDIEVAL SPAWN Variation.

1st Edition: Series 1 MEDIEVAL SPAWN Body- Painted in Black, Silver and Teal.
1st Edition: Translucent Green Head from DEALER EXCLUSIVE Series 1 50th Comic Issue SPAWN.
1st Edition: Mace and Axe weapons from Series 2 MEDIEVAL SPAWN BATTLE HORSE Set.
1st Edition: Spear and Knife were apparently original to this figure.
1st Edition: CQ 10170R 10172 0001 MCF

To see a picture of THE CONQUEROR, CLICK HERE!
(Pardon the glare- the picture was a hasty addition to this site! I will fix the picture in the future!)



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