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The Un-Official SPAWN MASTER LIST Website


By Matt Nortum


Last Update: 3/4/2011


Fixed the picture issue...

If you linked here from one of my auctions, WELCOME! Feel free to surf around for some great old Spawn information!

Haven't updated in a LONG while and I have stopped selling my collection for now. Although I can never get back what is already gone, with the job I have right now I might- MIGHT get back in the collecting Spawn game. Someday. I digress...

In June of 2011, this site will be FIFTEEN YEARS OLD! Amazing, eh? Not may web sites out there can boast that age- not Ebay (well, since it was public and not a private site), not Google- none of those biggies! I've stuck around all this time!


I'm half-way tempted to post the pics I took for my auctions on the Series 1 list pages, as it would be kind of neat to finally have some pictures. However, Black Aris' Spawn Collection Site is by far superior to my Master List, as not only does he list ALL of the variations I have, he has pics of them as well. Truly, Black Aris is the NEW Spawn Master List Keeper. My time is done it seems.

Still, there's a lot of good old information in the FAQ section of the site here about where I got my production numbers for the figures, and about early McFarlane Toys figures in general. Do check it out using the links below.

A big shout out to David Schmugge, Brian Sejas and Warspawn for assisting me in my Spawn Figure exodus! You guys rock!

And now for the rest of the banter:

I find that a lot of people are no longer interested in the older series of Spawn figures which to me is very sad. It's good to know the roots of the toys and where they came from, if even just to see how much they have improved over the years. Looking at Series 5 and comparing them to Series 17 and now to Series 28? Yeah- they definitely improved!

I have not finished converting all of the Master Lists into Tables. Lately, I have been inspired to finish the old overhaul of this site in order to preserve it, even though finally caught up (quality-wise) listing information and picturing their own figures.

Their variation listings still suck to this day, however. This site has earned me the right to say that. The only sad thing is that I know for a fact that more variants of figures in all these series have been released (From the Spawn 1 in the "Spawn V and Spawn 1" 2-pack to the Series 12 repainted McFarlane Toys Collector's Club figures), and they will more than likely not be added here. If anyone has a list of new variants released for figures that fall between Series 1 and Series 12, or if they kept track of them in a very detailed manner, feel free to contact me. You will get credit where credit is due.

Nowadays, in 2007, this antiquated web page is more of an HTML code museum, and an old, old list of Spawn stuff. Keep in mind I started this site in 1996- a time when "corporate" and "web site" were two very different things, and hardly any company had their own homepage, let alone web server. Digital cameras were science fiction, and, until late 1999, their quality was laughable (hence why there are no pictures here of variations to this day).

Screen resolutions were no better than 800 X 600 High-Color 16-bit on most computers. The term "Graphics Accelerator" meant absolutely nothing to the gaming world- in fact- computer gaming was severely lagging behind the 8-bit Nintendo and Sega Genesis. The computer most of this site was originally coded on was a Pentium 200 MMX with 16 Megabytes of RAM, and it had a spacious 3.8 GB hard drive. It cost me $1,700 for the system, and $800 for the 17" color monitor, which, for the price, was able to support up to 1600 X 1200 resolution at 60 Hz.

Before I used my own computer in mid-1997 to make this place, I used a Macintosh PowerPC 6300 to code, and the list started in the Summer of 1996, when Spawn Series 4 had just been released.

Notepad.exe has forever been, and always shall be, the method I use to code this site. Because of this, one could arguably say I hand-crafted the code here, and it still works (but does nothing fancy). Considering Netscape 2.0 and Internet Explorer 3.0 were the browsers of choice back then, it's amazing that our current versions don't make this site appear upside down and backwards!

This list started in a time when people hadn't been saturated with ".com's" listed on everything from soup cans to movie posters. This list came out before the majority of the 'Net turned into a porn archive. This site came about before most of the computer wiz's in my generation made millions off of the Internet (and before most of them lost all the money, too!). The Spawn Master List was around before was even considered to be a real web site- of course, back then, it was, and it had maybe 30 pages in all. My how things have changed in 9 years!

Now then- after over 12 long years of actively collecting Spawn Action Figures, I have decided that I need more funds to make more funds. As a result, I am, reluctantly, starting to sell my entire Spawn Action Figure collection (and McFarlane Collection) in the coming months. Careful inventory of the 800+ figures has been taken, and I plan on buying them all back again- someday. In the meantime, becoming a Filmmaker is an expensive avenue (I graduated Film School in May, 2005, and am still looking for a job in the entertainment industry), and I need funds to create my own films.

If you wish to see what I have for sale right now, please use the link below:

~Matt's Toy Collection~

ALL of my figures are being sold under my user ID on Ebay. My Spawn Action Figure collection was the second largest collection of just Spawn Action Figures (800+ in all) in the United States until the Summer of 2001, when I decided to return to college and call collecting quits for a while. As of this update, I have now started selling many items from my collection- and not just Spawn. I have started to sell Spawn items now, so, anyone seriously interested in purchasing my ENTIRE Spawn collection is out of luck. However, I do have a lot left, and a lot of it has remained untouched.

To get an idea of what I have so far, read the Master List here. I am missing no more than 10-20 variants that are listed between Series 1 and 12- to say nothing of the figures and variants between Series 13 and 18 that I own. In most instances, I have one variant closed and one opened (displayed) of all the figures listed. Of course, I also have multiple opened and closed versions of certain other variants as well.

Selling out is tough- but sometimes, you have to live your own dreams. The experiences and friends I have had thanks to collecting McFarlane Toys are priceless- and I will never forget any of them. In the end, all I am really selling are pieces of finely sculpted plastic- the memories are what really matter. And if I make it as a filmmaker, I'll get them all back anyway!

If you wish to actually see me, purchase "The Devil You Know- Inside the Mind of Todd McFarlane" on VHS or DVD. This Canadian-made documentary features myself and my old friend David Schmugge as the premiere Spawn collectors in the United States. Both of us were worthy of that status back in 2000.

For more information on "The Devil You Know," please visit the National Film Board of Canada's Web site here:

National Film Board of Canada

McFarlane Toys hardly produces unplanned variations anymore when it comes to Spawn. At least not the kinds they used to because all of the variations are intentional now- different sculpts, molds, etc. Then maybe repaints of those figures. Seemingly long gone are the days when a happy little paint change occurred, or when something was changed to improve the figure (instead of being changed to market it again).

I miss collecting, granted, but I have still tried to keep up-to-date. So keep those questions coming, and thanks for browsing the site!

And to everyone who has stolen my edited images (yes, most are copyrighted and I cannot claim exclusive rights to them but I edited them and worked hard on them and seeing them on YOUR sites disgusts me. *Cough cough HACK!* I would appreciate a little credit where credit is due. You know who you are. Thank you.

To send me an E-mail message, please click on the envelope:


There are some links on the bottom of this page and on the Table Lists that will not work, simply because the pages have not been coded yet. These links (specifically) are the "Master List: TABLE" and "Master List: TEXT," as well as the McFarlane Photo Pages, as has changed their formatting. These links will be removed from the Lists as time permits.

Please read the F.A.Q. before sending me any e-mail- it should answer a lot of questions you may have.

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And to all my visitors,

E N J O Y !


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