Manyhorses Traveling

"The Land of Now"

In this sequel to Manyhorses Traveling, Kate MacKenzie, Victor Manyhorses, and Bear return to their own time with their friend Doozie and 7-month-old Little Eagle. They assume they've escaped the dangers of 1863, but they've been followed through the death cave by the murderous Arapaho war chief Dark Cloud. The intrepid travelers settle in and hide with Kate's grandparents Lily and Ivan, take over their antique business, and lay low while Dark Cloud loses their trail and apparently disappears. Fifteen years pass as Kate and Victor raise Little Eagle, and Doozie forges a new life for herself.

But Dark Cloud hasn't disappeared, hasn't stopped searching for Victor and Kate, and hasn't stopped yearning for his own time. Returning to Colorado from his home town in Wyoming with his son Jackson, he tracks fifteen-year-old Little Eagle to the time-travel cave, kidnaps her, and spirits her away to 1863. Before she vanishes into the past, she calls her parents and begs for help. Will Victor and Kate be able to find her? Will Little Eagle escape her captors?

Written by Diane Sawatzki


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