a history of the Israelite House of David"

In 1903, near the southeastern shores of Lake Michigan, a pre-Disneyland amusement park, Eden Springs, became part of the chosen site for the end times of the world. It was established by charismatic Benjamin Franklin Purnell, who likewise founded the Israelite House of David. This Christian Millennialist sect would revolutionize: art, architecture, musical entertainment, and launch the famous barnstorming, "Jesus Boys of Baseball," in the roaring 1920's. Learn how these dedicated followers developed their innovative achievements that would benefit the people of SW Michigan, during the depths of the Great Depression, and beyond. This is their story.


House of David Map

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Written Produced & Directed by Jim Sawatzki

Co-producer Gretchen Sawatzki

Video Editor Lynn L. Roth

Original Music Francis J. Pierson

Narrators Rebecca Campbell & Dennis Book

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