Palmer Divide Trilogy - Three Video Set

Enjoy 90 minutes of Pikes Peak regional history.



A History of Monument, Colorado. This 30-minute historical video tells a colorful tale of Monument’s growth from a quiet pioneer settlement to a bustling Front Range community. This is a true story of small town Colorado, featuring ranching and farming, ice harvests, and potato bakes. The production incorporates archival photographs, personal interviews with local residents, rare film footage, and a poignant historical re-enactment.

Narrated by local storyteller John Stansfield and Monument resident Catherine Close McGuire.

Written by Diane M. Sawatzki

Produced & Directed by Jim Sawatzki


A history of Palmer Lake, Colorado. This video showcases Palmer Lake’s unique natural human history from the early 19th century to its modern-day charm. The Front Range Hamlet hosted roving tribes of Native Americans, railroad builders, Chautauqua visitors and summer tourists. The blue columbine, Colorado’s state flower, was discovered here. A classic edition to your video library, the production highlights archival photographs and rare film footage. Personal interviews include descendants of early pioneers, as well one of our nation's first astronauts, M. Scott Carpenter.

Directed and co-produced by Jim Sawatzki in the community video center of the Pikes Peak Library District.

Written by Diane McDonald Sawatzki, narrated by Dennis Book and storyteller John Stansfield.


A history of pioneers and open spaces on Front Range Colorado. Glimpse what life was like on the Palmer Divide from prehistoric times through the 19th-century. Meet historic ranch families who still work their original homestead’s, established as early as the 1860s. The now-faded communities of Spring Valley & Greenland, Colorado are also documented. Archival and unique family photographs are presented in this 30-minute production of the people and the land of Divide Country.

Featuring renowned photographer John Fielder

Written, Produced & Directed by Jim Sawatzki

$24.99 DVD

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