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"Above & Beyond" - A Hero's Story - Master Sergeant Wm. J. Crawford, WWII Medal of Honor Recipient

"A Compelling Curiosity" - A history of the Israelite House of David.

"A Landmark For All" - Castle Rock, a foothills landmark on Front Range Colorado, is the northern gateway to the Pikes Peak region.

"Divide Country" - A history of pioneers and open spaces on Front Range Colorado.

"Faith and Fortitude" - History of a Pioneer Church. Monument, Colorado Community Presbyterian Church. Celebrating 125 years (1874-1999)

"Here Lies Colorado Springs, The Video" - This one-hour video captures the personal stories of some of Colorado Springs' most famous historic citizens, who lie at rest in Evergreen Cemetery.

"Milestones" - A History of Monument, Colorado. This 30-minute historical video tells a colorful tale of Monument’s growth from a quiet pioneer settlement to a bustling Front Range community.

"Once Upon Another Time" - "Once Upon Another Time" is a time travel novel set in the Pikes Peak region during the rough-n'-tumble days of Territorial Colorado. Kate MacKenzie travels through a portal into 1863, where a Ute Indian befriends her. As this intriguing story unfolds, Kate struggles to survive in this dangerous world as she tries to return to the 21st century.

"Manyhorses Traveling" - Kate MacKenzie and Victor Manyhorses reunite for more adventures with Bear and Little Eagle in this stand-alone timetravel sequel to "Once Upon Another Time". They go to Seattle so Kate can finish teaching the school year while Doozie stays in 1863 Colorado to run her saloon. But Kate and Victor's relationship explodes under the pressures of modern life. Will Victor return to 1863? Will Kate try to follow him and rescue Doozie?

"Star On Sundance" - This giant 500 foot star can be seen for over 20 miles shining on a ridgeline between Denver and Colorado Springs. It was built during the depths of the Great Depression by determined citizens wishing to spread a light of hope and goodwill during the Christmas Season.

"Summer Sojourn" - Long before silent movies, radio, and television, rural Americans relied on the Chautauqua stage for their cultural entertainments.

"The Life & Times of General William Jackson Palmer" - A Civil War hero, railroad builder, community-founder and benefactor, William Palmer's life seemed the quintessential 19th century success story.

"The Treasure of the Cripple Creek Mining District" - It is May, 1878. In a small mountain stream on the southwest side of Pikes Peak, local cowboy Bob Womack discovers a rich sample of gold ore. Twelve years later, in 1890, the Cripple Creek Gold Rush began.

"Phenix Rising" - Historic Buildings of Cripple Creek, Colorado; The "land of fortune" is the way the promoters of Cripple Creek described this bountiful district in 1892. Churches, schools, telegraph offices, banks, a post office and newspapers, were being rapidly built to accomodate thousands of people flooding into the district.

"Voices of Cripple Creek" - Sequel to the Emmy Nominated "Treasure of the Cripple Creek Mining District"; For over one hundred years the Cripple Creek mining district has nourished the dreams of thousands of men and women. Although the lure of gold is what started Cripple Creek, the dream has evolved and has meant many different things to its people.

"The Village On The Divide" - A history of Palmer Lake, Colorado. This video showcases Palmer Lake’s unique natural human history from the early 19th century to its modern-day charm.

Three DVD Sets

Palmer Divide Trilogy - Three Video Set. - Enjoy 90 minutes of Pikes Peak regional history. Includes: "Milestones", "The Village On The Divide", "Divide Country".

Territorial Days - Three Video Set. - Enjoy 90 minutes of Pikes Peak regional history. Includes: "A Landmark For All", "Divide Country", "Faith And Fortitude".

Cripple Creek Trilogy - Three Video Set. - Enjoy 180 minutes of Cripple Creek history. Includes: "The Treasure of the Cripple Creek Mining District", "Phenix Rising", "Voices of Cripple Creek".

Sample Video Clips

Sample video clips from the following programs:
- "The Life & Times of General William Jackson Palmer": General Palmer Rides Again and Narrow Gauge Train

- "The Treasure of the Cripple Creek Mining District": Soiled Doves

- "Voices of Cripple Creek": Lowell Thomas

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WMUK Radio interview on the House of David documentary

Radio interview on Rarefied Air from KCME

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