The Pikes Peak region has attracted artists' and artisans' since time out of mind. From aboriginal peoples who etched figures in stone to 20th century artists' who inspired the world.

Meet acclaimed 19th century author Helen Hunt Jackson, whose novel "Ramona" is still read by millions. Study our earliest painters: Paris, Bancroft & Craig, who captured the essence of the region on canvas. Marvel at world acclaimed ceramicist Artus Van Briggle an innovative designer of the Art Nouveau era. Learn about two native born Colorado Springs artists': the photographer Laura Gilpan, whose called "the first lady of the lens." And silent film star, Lon Chaney, who was "the man of a thousand faces."

Witness the prolific architect, Thomas MacLaren's legacy, as you may; walk, work, learn or worship, in his buildings today. Listen to your teachers, especially Boardman "Mike" Robinson, who was one of America's first 20th century muralists. A contemporary of Thomas Hart Benton & Mexican muralist Diego Rivera. Robinson ultimately became the first art director of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.

Finally, look and experience the kinetic art of Starr Kempf, whose monumental steel sculptures still fascinate our region today.

A 90 minute feature film. Produced, written & directed by Jim Sawatzki, in association with The Pikes Peak Arts Council & the Smokebrush Foundation.

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