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The Treasure of the Cripple Creek Mining District Emmy Nomination
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"The Treasure of the Cripple Creek Mining District"

It is May, 1878. In a small mountain stream on the southwest side of Pikes Peak, local cowboy Bob Womack discovers a rich sample of gold ore. Twelve years later, in 1890, the Cripple Creek Gold Rush began. This discovery would eventually make twenty-seven millionaires, save the United States' economy after the Silver Crash of 1893, and create one of the wildest boom towns in the history of the American West.

The story of Cripple Creek is the story of fortunes made and lost. It is the story of spirited hard rock miners, sporting ladies, and pioneer families living through the exciting years of the great Cripple Creek Gold Rush.

Produced by the city of Cripple Creek in association with Encore Video Productions

Producer Dane Rhodes

Videography and Editing by Steve Antonuccio

Historical Re-enactments Produced and Directed by Jim Sawatzki

Sample the 25 second clip "Soiled Doves" from this program.

60 Minutes - Color

$24.99 DVD

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